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Discover the real secret to Time/Goal Management success


Are you looking for a powerful Time/Goal Management system guaranteed to increase your income, advance your career and create more time for fun?

IMPACT! List is The Solution

Do you start your day with the best of intentions, only to find yourself dealing with disorder, mismanaged projects and missed soccer games? Even with all those high-end, time-management technology tools? So often in life we have good intentions, but lack the follow through needed for success. It's not that we don't have the desire to be successful, it's simply that we don't have a simple system that aligns with and supports our human nature - a desire to achieve... Until now. IMPACT! List helps you achieve your most important priorities, faster. It represents years of researching behavioral science for the very best strategy and methodology to help you consistently achieve and live an extraordinary life.

This powerful system was inspired by an amazing formula. I came across the formula a few years ago and it profoundly influenced my life. It showed me how to focus on achieving my most important priorities--as opposed to just doing things that needed to be done.  As a result of using this formula--as simple as it may seem--all the things I truly desired began to show up in my life.  I created IMPACT! List the powerful reinforcement system that supports this formula. Literally, overnight, I gained a competitive edge and began  to acquire:

  • Incredible, personal and professional relationships
  • Promotion in every area of my life
  • More time for vacations, leisure and family
  • Amazing energy and optimal health
  • Increased financial wealth
  • Profitable businesses
  • Invitations to speak and eat with millionaires
  • And much, much more!
  • Charles M. Schwab, Mary Kay Ash and hundreds of others utilized the principles that inspired IMPACT! List to achieve in all areas of their lives. It gave them their biggest financial payoffs and returns. It's time for you to stop wasting your time on everything else and excel in life, too!

    The Common Denominator

    We have studied goal and time management for twenty years. We've always been fascinated by why some people achieve extraordinary success - seemingly effortlessly - while others consistently struggle despite the very best of intentions. What we discovered was nothing short of phenomenal. From the pages written by Covey, Peters, Drucker, Ashe, Tracy, Litman and the like we identified one common denominator that these authors considered paramount for achieving Goal/Time management excellence. We took this same formula and created an incredible product; IMPACT! List: your ultimate Time/Goal Management solution. It's a simple, but powerful system that shows you exactly how to achieve and make an impact in every area of your life. And, it works!  Covey, Peters and others have received over 100,000 letters from people all over the world fascinated by the formula.  Think on that; that's 100,000 endorsements right there!

    IMPACT! List was created for people with absolutely no time to spare when it comes to getting what's most important, done! It's a complete, no-nonsense, real-world system created for people who want to achieve more, in less time. It comes with everything you need to hit the ground running. Then, when you're finished, you'll still have plenty of time to play golf, work in your garden, barbeque or grill, read your favorite novel, do your chores, practice the guitar, socialize, see your child's soccer game, shop and enjoy all the great things in life.

    This Dynamic, Simple System Will Teach You:

  • How to bring passion to your priorities
  • Proven techniques that turn you into an achiever overnight
  • How to rapidly achieve using your own internal motivators
  • How to live a purpose-driven life
  • How to tap into your extraordinary potential
  • The appropriate four letter word to connect you to success
  • The keys to getting it all done
  • And much, much more!

  • The word "impact" carries a tremendous amount of magnetic energy. Every time you capture the word "IMPACT!" from your daily planning list, your central nervous system will send you a powerful message to achieve! You'll accelerate your success and create phenomenal results for both you and your organization. You'll actually enjoy a fun sense of urgency and desire to achieve. Why?  Because IMPACT! is an acronym that powerfully articulates:

    I. M.ust P.ositively, A.bsolutely C.omplete T.oday!

    "Built-in" Reward System

    Our brains were designed with a natural reward system built right in! Every time we engage in certain, goal-focused behaviors, natural chemicals in the brain are released. These chemicals autonomously gives us an incredible feeling of pleasure. This is the brain's way of telling us: "Hey! Let's do that achieving thing again!" Some goal-focused behaviors include quenching your thirst; replying "Yes," after being asked if you "work out;" closing on a highly commissioned sale when you wanted to go home; taking a well-deserved vacation...anything that has to do with achieving a desired outcome.

    Planning to achieve in advance is an activity that will trigger your brain's natural reward center. When you begin using your IMPACT! List, you'll be encouraged to list the natural reward for completing each priority. A natural reward is the satisfying, tangible or intangible experience you'll gain after completing each priority. All during the day until you retire at night, IMPACT! List will have you saying: "Hey, let's do that achieving thing, again!"

    IMPACT! List is not just another "To-do List" or Information Technology Tool

    The problem with "to-do lists" is that far too many of them never get done! And, IMPACT! List is certainly not another IT hand held or desktop gadget. We're not at all awed by complexity or systems that require loading and managing programs. They steal your valuable time. If you're like most people, you probably invested boatloads of hard earned cash on state-of-the-art, IT systems that came short of their
    promise to give you more time. We did too.  Multi-billion dollar corporations are largely responsible for millions of IT junkies! These companies know that they cannot manufacture the ultimate Goal/Time management tool because it simply, can't be packaged.  Why not?  Because it's inside each and every one of us.  All of us were born with "The ultimate Goal/Time management tool."  It's known as our internal motivators.  Internal motivators are the thinking patterns that drive our behavior.  They give us the ability to create internalized patterns for success.  This takes place when we focus on specific thoughts that help us take the most important actions which lead us to our goals.           

    What keeps us from consistently achieving and living the life we truly desire to live, are our disempowering thoughts, actions and emotions. Conversely, the things that sustain our desire to achieve  and acquire anything we desire in life, are our empowering thoughts and emotions. So you see, when it comes to getting things done, tapping something into an IT tool or jotting something down on paper defies all logic.  When you purchase IMPACT! List, you'll discover a proven system that accelerates your success by tapping into YOU!

    One "new and improved," IT tool rolls off the assembly line every 30 seconds!  The IT industry knows there are millions of IT junkies who will always be looking for a "method to their madness." Look, it doesn't matter how many bells and whistles these manufactures add, they will never deliver the desired results and lasting change you're searching for. Success and achievement are an inside game!  Let
    IMPACT! List be your coach.

    If you aren't willing to invest less than $20.00 for this system, then you really need to invest less than $20.00 and get this system! 

    Charles M. Schwab paid a whopping $25,000 for just the formula.  And that was more than 50 years ago.  Now you can have the formula AND the powerful system that supports it for a fraction of that amount.  You really will increase your income, take your career to new heights and have much more time for fun.

    Isn't that worth $19.95?

    IMPACT! List: Your Fast Track to Success!

      3 pack of IMPACT! List pads $19.95
    10 pack of IMPACT! List pads $59.95
    20 pack of IMPACT! List pads $99.95

    Dimensions: 5.5" x 4.25"
    Premium Stock Paper
    25 pages per pad

    IMPACT! List is a complete system. It includes the program notes and User's Guide which you can use to immediately maximize your performance.

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