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Who is Fran Briggs?
Fran Briggs, B.A., MHRS

"Looks like 'Oprah's little sister,' Inspires like Tony Robbins...Moves like she's half her age!"

This is Fran Briggs defined. She has four distinguished careers-author, educator, professional private investigator and "motivational speaker of the inspirational kind." She has helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their self-concept, communication skills and celebrate their goals. Fran is a dynamic keynote speaker and specializes in personal empowerment trainings. Her audiences include national corporations, non-profit organizations, youth groups, faith-based organizations, schools and universities. She presents content-rich, immediately applicable powerful modules in an engaging, tell-it-like-it-is style. Her passion and charisma are contagious! As an internationally published columnist, her work touches the lives of individuals from all seven continents. Ms. Briggs' articles have been featured in hundreds of publications including the largest personal development website in the world, ( and Fortune 500 Trainer, Bob Proctor's "Insight of the Day." She has written several books including Don't Think Like an Elephant! and Seeds for Success.

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