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Chandra Leigh Brown: An Interview With The Soul of a Survivor
~ Fran Briggs
Chandra Leigh Brown is a woman who lives a life of dedication and perseverance as she fights for the rights of the disabled, and differently-abled. Following a horrendous car accident where she was ejected through her car's window, Brown suffered multiple fractures and a severe brain injury. Left on life support, she was not expected to live. But it was while she was unconscious that Brown says that she was determined to "go back" because she still had things to do.

Sometime in Between Nine, and Now
~ Fran Briggs
Remember when you were really young? It was an era of inconsequential innocence, and very little experience. Still, even at this age, your imagination was larger than large. Seemingly effortlessly, you concocted boldacious thoughts and dreams. You could pretty much imagine and then do anything you set out to do.

Tony Brooks - On The Move!
~ Fran Briggs
"Diaries of Black Men" chronicles the observations, reflections, and life experiences of 10 Black Men. Shared are their most innermost thoughts and beliefs. "DBM" addresses the most overlooked member of any body; the heart of the Black man. Intricately written, the reader experiences -- or re-experiences -- that which has never been written before. Each page dynamically demystifies the myth that Black men have always balked at the opportunity to keep written accounts of their lives.

Saitia Faaifo - On The Move!
~ Fran Briggs
Growing up as a youth on one of the most beautiful islands in the world is when Saitia Faaifo says he learned the "true" meaning of respect for others, and loving his family. The Hawaiian native -- every bit as handsome as he is charismatic -- says: "There is greatness in all of us. All we have to do is tap into our true potential."

5 Fantastic Ways to Get the Most Out of 5 Minutes  
~ Fran Briggs
Want to get the best out of your next five minutes? With an eye on giving her clients and individuals everywhere a competitive edge, Arizona Success Coach, Fran Briggs offered these five, practical strategies for making the most out of five minutes.

The Radically New, You!
~ Fran Briggs
Want to reinvent yourself? Here's your chance to make the distinction between who you were, and who you are. With an eye on giving her clients and individuals everywhere a competitive edge, Arizona Success Coach, Fran Briggs offered these practical strategies for creating a radically, new "you."

Keep Moving
~ Fran Briggs
Last month, I received a phone call from one of my good friends. As I listened, I could tell that, just about everything that could go wrong in her life, was going wrong in her life. And, at the most inopportune time.

DeeJazz - On The Move!
~ Fran Briggs
When Dolores "DeeJazz" Jackson sings, it's not surprising to see why her listeners are dynamically captivated. DeeJazz delivers something unique: inspirational, message-rich lyrics, against the background of a beautiful and spiritual, jazz sound. Her voice is as readily remarkable to the human ear, as it is definitively, distinctive. Several of her songs demonstrate her ability to hit a wide range of octaves. Every track of her debut album, "A Musical Messenger," has the potential to inspire and transform lives for the greater.

Wil Cason - On The Move!
~ Fran Briggs
An internationally-recognized speaker from the personal and professional development industries, Wil Cason teaches his clients and audiences that by simply changing the way they see things, they can produce the results which they desire. Cason is the author of numerous articles, and the recently released book, "Visualizing Your Victory."

Tawana Williams - On The Move!
~Fran Briggs
Tawana Williams has been blazing unchartered territory for nearly 43 years. She is an internationally known motivational speaker, author of two books, gifted artist, typist, stylist, outstanding cook, entrepreneur and loving wife and mother. Mrs. Williams was born in 1963 in an NC hospital. However, unlike any of the other babies born there on that day, she entered this world with crippled legs ... and without arms.

Do You Have an Exit Plan?
~ Fran Briggs
Recently, I came across something strikingly shocking, fascinating, obscure, and yet, completely obvious.

Dr. Stan - On The Move!
~ Fran Briggs
eMediaCampaigns! recently shared a few moments with Dr. Stan Harris as part of the OnTheMove! interview series. Dr. Stan Harris is an entrepreneur, certified behavior consultant, 10th Degree Black Belt, and inductee the "Black Belt Hall of Fame." Earlier this month, he was inducted into the "Motivational Speaker's Hall of Fame." He now takes his seat among Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Stephen Covey and other greats.

Bad Habit? Drop It Like It's Hot!
~ Fran Briggs
I believe that sometimes when we approach the decision to eliminate a bad habit, we make it harder than it actually is. Here's a great intervention that I share with my clients. It has a very high success rate. Upwards of 77%.

Are You Still Stuck on Still?
~ Fran Briggs
Are you still "stuck on still?" If so, don't let fear, doubt or disappointment rob you of your future, or keep you from your desires. Instead, see yourself as the person that you want to become. Human Beings naturally navigate towards the pictures they keep in their minds. Empower yourself and create the images you want to attract.

The Amazing Power of the Human Will
~ Fran Briggs
The human will is the most incredible thing. I believe it is the human will that keeps us going when everyone else expects us to sit, or even quit.

Belly Fat: Enough of That! One Probable Cause of Excess Abdominal Fat
~ Fran Briggs
There's more fat around the bellies of American men women and children now, then there was 20 years back.

Why Not Reinvent the Wheel?
~ Fran Briggs
"Why go and reinvent the wheel?" It's a question that's been around for centuries; right? Here's a better question: Why not reinvent the wheel?
As a Peak Performance Coach, I do a lot of personal development trainings for adults and children, alike. I love kids! They don't think like us adults. Kids are just so incredibly and infectiously optimistic. And, they are absolute Masters of embracing, "what could be."

Remember Within
~ Fran Briggs
Remember when you were really young? It was an era of inconsequential innocence. Even at this age, your imagination was larger than large. Seemingly effortlessly, you concocted boldacious thoughts and dreams. You could pretty much imagine and then do anything you set out to do.

Plug in Your Systems for Success
~ Fran Briggs
Have you ever noticed that so many of us who work diligently and ethically rarely achieve our objectives?

Big O
~ Fran Briggs
Growing up, I remember my Dad had some really great friends. They had the most amazing, positive and magnetic energy. Arguably, they were also among the "coolest" of their time. 

Chinese Gooseberries and Oprah?
~ Fran Briggs
Few individuals have neither understood, nor have even come close to emulating Oprah's success and ability to ingeniously -- but simply -- reinvent. Let's all learn from the expert.

Drop and Gimme Ten!
~ Fran Briggs
Every one of us have dreams, desires and goals that we put on the shelf. In front of them are a litany of excuses -- but not one reason -- why they aren't being pursued.!&id=22363

Succeed Like the Super-Successful
~ Fran Briggs
Two undeniable traits of the super-successful are: their belief in self, and an uncompromising expectation that they will succeed ... no matter what. Their dreams and goals are real. So real, these individuals stay inspired despite any and all obstacles before them.

Hindsight Is 20/20: The Ultimate Optical Illusion
~ Fran Briggs
We've been conditioned to reflect upon the repercussions of a catastrophic life experience and lament, "If I only would have...  Hindsight, is 20/20."

Don't Just Read About It; Be About It!
~ Fran Briggs
Far too many of us struggle through life despite more Bibles, personal development, and self-help books being read now, than during any other time in history.

Ten Tips for Making Your Next Visit With Your Child's Teacher a Positive One
~ By Fran Briggs
How productive are today's parent/teacher conferences?  Not as productive as they once were; or so it appears.  Clashes in the classrooms between parents and teachers have recently been identified as "the new power struggle."

Three Awesome Ways to Avoid Arguments
~ Fran Briggs
Avoiding an argument no longer has to be an arduous task! "Three Awesome Ways to Avoid Arguments," offers innovative and effective strategies to introduce calm to even the most argumentative discussion.

The WIT to WIN
~ Fran Briggs
What are the most important things you should accomplish today? Go ahead. Make a list of your priorities and put them in order of their importance. Write down the rewards and the consequences for each one. Your list has incredible power. It helps you propel yourself towards your most desired results.

DWJD: Do What Jesus Does
~ Fran Briggs
Are you still seeing the 15 year old question, What would Jesus do (WWJD)?

Put a Couple of Elephants on Your Plate
~ Fran Briggs
How do you eat two elephants?  The same way you would eat one; one bite at a time.  Monstrous tasks often appear to be complex and overwhelming.

Mountain-Moving Momentum
~ Fran Briggs
It can be challenging to think about going to the next level. Especially when you're completely overwhelmed by the thought of taking the next step. Are you catatonic? "Stuck on still"? Moving nowhere, fast?

A Partnership With God
Fran Briggs
Hey, God is trying to partner with you!  He wants you, to invite Him, into your life.

Can You Spare Some Change?
~ Fran Briggs
Did you know that many of us are just as uncomfortable when a stranger us asks us for "some change" as we are when we ask ourselves for change?

How to Be Mentored by the Super-Successful and Achieve More Than Imagined
~ Fran Briggs
How do most people master the art of success? What are the steps that connect them to their destiny?
These are the powerful questions that are often asked by individuals and organizations who want to accelerate their success and shorten the learning and earning curves.

Great Goals Make You Stretch!
~ Fran Briggs
I began enhancing my personal energy level three months shy of my 40th birthday and after 2 years of struggling with clinically-diagnosed depression...

Set Yourself Up For Success!
~ Fran Briggs
Here's a great way to program and set yourself up for success in advance. It is one of many of what I call, New Empowering Habit Plans (TM)...

There's Gold in That Silence
~ Fran Briggs
Can you recall a time where you utilized silence to make a point? If you can consciously recall, you probably know your silence made more than just a point; it made an exclamation point...

Don't Die With your Dreams Still Inside You
~ Fran Briggs
I write and talk a lot about dreams. Primarily because I know they serve an awesome and amazing purpose. We all have a desire - a dream - to do something great, go somewhere incredible, achieve the unachievable, beat the unbeatable or meet the "unmeetable."...

Don't Act Like an Elephant
~ Fran Briggs
In India, elephants are used for manual labor.
When an elephant is small and weighs approximately 200 pounds, it is securely tied with a heavy-duty rope...

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