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Welcome to eMediaCampaigns! a premier news release wire service for public interest news and events.  We provide unparalleled distribution of news releases to the World Wide Web, print, broadcast and other media sources.  eMediaCampaigns! will write, publish and submit your event or news story to more than 27,000 news stations, editors, journalists, search engines, television stations, news groups and newspapers, nationwide. And, we'll do it for a fraction of the price of what you might expect to pay. We are experts in creating media buzz, optimal awareness, and helping you convert visitors into customers. We can help you reach consumers, trade audiences, TV, radio, editorial calendars, trade publications, editors, and journalists so they know who you are; and what you do.  And, we do this without putting a ding in your budget.  Our clients have appeared on NPR (radio).  National Television including: Daystar Television, CNN, Judge Hatchett, and Tyra (The Tyra Banks Show). eMediaCampaigns! specializes in regional, national, and international media distribution services.  Contact us today.  We would love to work with you!

Let Us Send Your News release.  It will reach Journalists, Consumers and Businesses, World-Wide!

We'll Send Your Press Release For Just

US $127.00

We'll distribute your own 300-550 words as a written, international, news release.  And, we'll send it to the right people.  For the unbelievable price of only $127.00, your news or event will reach more than 27,000 opt-in journalists.  Your news release goes directly onto the desktops -- and into the database systems -- of the appropriate, media professionals. We'll also include proof of press release distribution and professional content and grammatical editing, at no additional cost.

Professional Press Release Writing and Immediate Submission to over 55 million people. 

US $207.00


Press release writing by the experts. If you prefer, we'll handle the writing of your press release for you. Our team of writers accentuate the newsworthy aspect of your organization's achievement, event or announcement and write a news release with buzz! A professional, attention-keeping, news release is just US $207.00 for 300-550 words that will reach over 55 million people.

Professional Media Blitz Month long campaign Includes Announcements, Feature Articles, Radio, Local, & Global, News Release

US $1,750

We dedicate 30 consecutive, business days of premiere promotion of your event, trade show or news story.  eMediaCampaigns! uses information, their preferred, professional contacts and expert writers to orchestrate a dynamic, thirty day campaign that helps you get the results you're looking for.  You receive guaranteed, maximum exposure and strategic placements that separates -- and puts you ahead -- of the pack.

Our Internationally Acclaimed, Professional Publicity Campaigns include:
-- Professional Public Relations Counsel
-- Professional Public Relations Representation 
-- PR planning
-- PR evaluation
-- Media relations
-- News release writing
-- New Authors and Performers Promotions 
-- Media list development
-- Image development  
-- Event publicity
-- Image Development
-- Internationally Syndicated Interviews
-- Featured Articles
-- Customized Packages for Every Budget!

Representation includes: 
The development of an overall PR strategy to cover: Targeted messaging and prioritization for key consumer and trade audiences, pitching key consumer TV, radio, and print, editorial calendars, trade publications, random inquiries, working with trade partners, handling policy issues FAQs and Q&As, monitoring of news reports, internal and external communications, professional spokesperson representation.  Exceptional written and oral communication skills. eMediaCampaigns! has extensive experience in organizing and managing promotional events, producing under pressure, and coordinating efforts involving multiple parties.

Retainer Fee Schedule
Professional Publicity and Public Relation Services 
Fees: $70/hour includes expenses
Minimum: 10 hours per month $700/month
Recommended: 20 hours per month $1,400/month

Contractual Terms: 3 months and up
Minimum: 3 months
Recommended: 6-12 months
Effective publicity campaign terms are generally 6-12 months.

Other hourly plan available: $350/month - 5 hours

We also work on a per project basis. email us with your questions or proposal.

Payment Terms
One month retainer deposit is required upon accepting contract. Contact us.  We work with every budget!

Our Customers Say It Best...

"Aloha Fran,

Thank you for the professional promotion. I love it! You have a wonderful way of putting who I am in words. What you write flows so smoothly. Like when you wrote: "The Riches of Respect belongs in every boardroom, living room and classroom ..." Beautiful! You're making it easy for me. I now can tell the people to "Google Me." When they do, what they see, I owe all to you. You're my angel! Thanks!"
- Sai,
"The Motivator from Hawaii"
Motivational Speaker
Author of, The Riches of Respect

"I am so happy to say that eMediaCampaigns went above and beyond my expectations. I had a great product that was basically sitting on the shelf. eMediaCampaigns! took my product and my business to another level. Now my business is literally exploding into success. I have been recommending them to all my friends!"
- DeeJazz 

I am sooo impressed with the professionalism you show and the caliber of excellence you exude... love it!
- Teri Werner

Wow! I never had a press release done on me before that is so wonderful. Thank you so much. I don't know what to say......Thank you and God bless you!
- Charmaine Bassett
Guest, The Tyra Banks Show
Entertainment Reporter,
100.5 FM, The Zone, Sacramento, CA

"Wow.  Excellent!  I should have contacted you six months ago."
- Barry Donalson; Momentum Marketing Group,


"This article looks awesome! Thank you for helping me get exposure. You are a blessing."
- Wil Cason, CEO Wil Cason Enterprises
Speaker, Trainer
Author, Visualizing Your Victory

Samples of eMediaCampaigns! Champion Press Releases:

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Click here:  The "Motivator From Hawaii" Announces International Speaking Tour

Click here: Saitia Faaifo to Emcee First Annual Monterey Bay Polynesian Extravaganza

Click here: Adlanta Rolls Out The Red Carpet For Tourists With "The Welcome Book": ArriveNet Press Releases: Travel

Click here:  Cameo Collections Announces Clearance Sale

Click here: 'Women Millionaires Challenge' Helps Entrepreneurs Realize Their Dreams

Click here:  The Riches of Respect: An Interview With The Author

Click here: The Kerwin Phillips Foundation to Host Financial Literacy Summit at New York High School



Five Online & "Offline" News Releases: Just $499 a Year!
Take advantage of this amazing news release package and save more than $500.00  You will not find a better deal, anywhere! e
MediaCampaigns! will write and distribute up to five news releases featuring your story or news.  Then, we'll strategically deliver them to more than 27,683 distribution points. These distribution points are part of a network of more than 55 million journalists, professionals, readers, listeners, search engines and data bases, world wide.  We go the extra 10 miles and deliver your news release directly to the desks and computer systems of editors, program directors, news desks, radio stations and online professionals. Our partners include NBC, CBS, Google News, Ask Jeeves, Yahoo News, MSN News, C|net, Lycos news and AlltheWeb News, Market Wire, CBS Market Watch, and more.  Hurry!  This offer ends soon!




Archive Services:  eMediaCampaigns! will publish and archive your news release, at no extra cost.

Monitoring & Documentation Services:  eMediaCampaigns! will monitor the entire spectrum of media - print, broadcast and online - for news 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We will help you track coverage of your organization by sending you statistics of your coverage and proof of press release distribution, at no extra cost. 

Multimedia Services:  We will integrate logos, photos and banners into your news release to tell your story, at no extra cost.

Guaranteed Mass Market Penetration: Each time eMediaCampaigns! posts your release, it is sent to additional, private, media distribution points. These distribution points will pick up and publish your release in full text, generating maximum, mass market penetration.

Executive Summary

Who We Are
We are eMediaCampaigns! a professional news/events distribution and marketing organization. eMediaCampaigns! is a subsidiary of The Briggs Group, established 1995. Our staff is composed of PR professionals, published authors, journalists and attorneys.

What We Do
We offer professional news release writing, targeted distribution, and other specialty services such as consulting and editorial services.  

Guiding Principles
eMediaCampaigns! is committed to providing exemplary and cost-effective news release, distribution services. Through our  highly-respected reputation, comprehensive networks and distribution feeds, we provide our clients the same access to the media as Fortune 500 corporations. 

eMediaCampaigns! does not distribute any news release that is deemed to be "inappropriate." For example, press releases written for the purpose of causing harm or damage to a third party, releases that promote hatred violence, or contain adult or sexually explicit material.

Submit compelling news: Your news release should capture the attention and imagination of the editors, journalists and writers that use this service as a resource for their work.  If it is not engaging, it still will get picked up by the media; however, it will probably not get read.

Please edit your news releases carefully. You bear full responsibility for the content, accuracy and liability for any and all news releases you send to eMediaCampaigns! for publication. 

Contact eMediaCampaigns! to send your story around the world, today!

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