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Thank you for visiting!
We would love to hear from you.  Feel free to share your comments and ideas in our Guestbook.  Please click [HERE] to email it to us, now. 

Hey Beautiful,

Thank you for your kind words. I am getting ready for the big Jazzfest -- Jazzinthegardens. It's today -- the 25th of March at Dolphin's Stadium, Miami, Florida.  Have a fantastic week, with much love, happiness and

Miami, FL

Thanks for the inspiration, Fran!
Voorhees, New Jersey
Hey Fran. Thanks for coming by. Got your link from Phyllis. Glad you enjoyed the show. Stay in touch if you can. Hey do you still play the sax??? Come on girl. Let's do a duet.......LOL Thanks for tuning in Fran. Stay blessed.


Hello Fran!  

I just wanted to let you know that  you are truly amazing. There are very few people that know how to harness and pull their blessings from the good, bad, and the ugly. I am so proud of you. Whenever I see your name I see love, growth, and empowerment. You have answered questions I've had in your articles that I hadn't had the chance to ask yet. I pray for your happiness on your journey . People that help and inspire others are very wealthy beyond money, the earths sky, and throughout the Heavens.  GOD BLESS YOU!

Darlene Matthews

Fran Briggs, YOU light up my life!!!! :)

I'm so encouraged by your Parisian endeavors!! Congratulations, sweet sister.
I am in the midst of many exciting changes as I ease from the working a job mode into the following my passion mode - and I will keep you posted.

I really LOVE your picture. You exude health, beauty and radiance .Thanks for the strength, encouragement and friendship beautiful one.  And, thank you for fueling my spirit to launch my day so splendidly!!  I am truly thankful for your friendship and spirit. The wisdom, love and grace that you embody and bestow is appreciated more than you know.

Have a wonderful day!!!

Much love,
Camille Fuller
Performing Artist/Singer
Chicago, Illinois

Fran is a woman with a multimillion dollar personality. She is 'enthusiasm on fire' and says what she means and means what she says. I appreciate how she has stretched me and helped me to let go of those external layers I was holding on to. Thanks, Fran for all that you do.
Kimyon Zari
1 Diamond Coaching
Charlotte, North Carolina 

Hello, Fran!

You beautiful lady ...I really appreciate the encouragement.  :)  Hope life is treating you good, you are happy, and work is also good for you.   It's always lovely to hear from you, my friend - you're so kind.  Have a beautiful week!

Take care, and much love to you.

Claudia Jessie
Professional Vocalist, Actress
London, England    

Hi Fran,

Heard your interview with Hussein Hill and it was great!!  Your positivity is so refreshing. I'd be honored to have you on my MYSPACE page and in my CB network.

I'm a journalist/report/editor by profession, and I'm always interested in connecting with fellow writers.

Hubert "Hugh" Gaddy, Jr.
North Carolina

Fran thanks!

It was our pleasure. I'm so glad that you enjoyed the show and you're blessed by our ministry. It's really a blessing to work with the other guys. You be blessed out there in my dream home state.

Don Corey Washington
Provenance Music Group LLP
Co-host/Gospel Jazzations w/Tony Smith & Co-host JP  
Early Weds. 1:15 am - 6 am (EST)

Hey Fran:

My book is doing well. In fact, I was just interviewed for an NPR show yesterday on the state of love poetry today. Will send around information once I know when the show is airing.

Have a great time in Paris!

Wanda Phipps
Brooklyn, New York
Author, Wake-up Calls 


Thanks for your encouraging comments and for being our friend! Remember...
'Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and
has no one to help him up! Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone? Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.'
Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12

We just wanted you to know that we love you and we are glad that God has placed you in our lives.

God Bless.
Free Lasting Souls

Musical Group 

Hey Fran, had to check on my friend. Hope all is well in your world. Thank you so much for the compliment and bringing such positive energy to my page. 

Take care,

Hey there Fran Briggs, The Writer,

Sometimes I get so caught up in trying to reach the next level, that I forget to take time to appreciate how high I've already climbed.

So, today I decided to stop - look around - and enjoy the view.... Thank you for being a friend!

Have a beautiful day!! 

Coach Morse 
Oscoda, Michigan
Hello Fran "The Beautiful",

It's a pleasure to have you as a friend.  Most of all, Thanks for being so kind and thoughtful. Thanks for the lovely comments you made. I greatly appreciate it.  Please stay in touch.

With much respect, and may God Bless you,
Freddie Lee Peterkin
London, East United Kingdom
Thanks for everything you did with A Quiet Time. Keep in Touch.
Attica Lundy
PO Box 960164
Riverdale, GA. 30296
Hey Fran - I finally made it! :-) Thanks for dropping in on me.

Dr. MalamiKai,
The MalaniKai Show™ DARE 2 SPEAK YOUR MIND

Thank you for the motivational words, Miss Fran. I needed that. Guess I'm not the only one, but I can only speak for me.

Have a blessed week, beautiful spirit!
Paris, France 

I like the book about Elliot because Elliot started to believe and then he was free.  I like Skylar because he taught him how to believe.

Jordan Sabado
Northern CA

Hello Fran,

I really enjoyed your interview on the Louie Jones Radio Show. Let it be known that it is so refreshing to hear you speak. To be able to come back strong from two major auto accidents in six days ... you ARE amazing. Praise the Name of the Lord. I definitely plan on staying connected to you, and will delve more in the resources made available through your website.

Sincerely Yours,
William A. Ellerbe
Independent Consultant
Lanham, MD

You are an inspiration. I love your site and the energy that is generated from you is a motivator within itself. I pray that you continue to put God first and have blessings showered upon you.

Independent Associate
Pre-Paid Legal Services 


Dear Ms. Briggs,

You are mighty gifted!  I just found out that you are the publisher of Mr. Barry Donalson's "Network Marketing Weekly."  I have enjoyed all the issues. Your knowledge has helped me with my own and Barry's organization, WGI.  You are an exceptional motivator, having checked out your CD, video and audio files.  I look forward to seeing, meeting and working with you in person.

Finally, your website is an invaluable resource.  I just signed up for your newsletter.  

Michael Brown

Sis. Fran,

I wanted to take the time to personally thank you for the powerfully, uplifting e-mails that you send.  And, you do a mighty find job, I might add.  You truly are a "wordsmith."  After reading this, I realized the importance, of focusing on what's really important.  Please.  Never stop delivering this ministry to the people.  Some of us need that extra boost.

Fran, Thank You for always adding to my life

During a recent Bible study, I noticed a very interesting trait about Jesus. He ALWAYS left people better than he found them. If you think about his life, everyone benefited from their encounter with Him.

This is a trait that you share with Jesus. You leave people better than you find them!!

God Bless You. Thank God for you,
Eric Outler
Atlanta, GA
Family Life Church, Morrow, GA
"We're Taking The Family To Godly Heights"

Warm Greetings

I can't say enough about your newsletter, "Your Seeds For Success." It is truly inspiring. It has helped me so much.

I hope all is well with you -- my dear friend. Love you always Fran.

Sylvia Lett
Child Care Professional 
Peace Be Upon You


I recently saw an article where you and I were both mentioned. Just wanted to say I am excited about being in articles with great people, like yourself! Much continued success!

Willie Jolley, CSP, CPAE
America's Leading Motivational Speaker - Singer - Author
"The Master Of Music and Motivation"
Speaker Hall of Fame Recipient!
Named "One of the Outstanding 5 Speakers In The World" - Toastmasters International
Accelerating Success by Growing People, Performance and Profits!
202-723-8863 / 800-487-8899

Hi Fran!

Just when I think you have out done yourself; you expand into another zone. This time its "brilliance in motion." And Dawn Fields has brilliance flowing out from purpose to purpose ... equally ingenious! Thanks for sharing your God-given gifts and talents with the world. You are most loved and appreciated.

Nikki Jourdan

Hi Fran,

I love your Seeds for Success newsletters.

Cari Jo Galloway
Pinole, CA

ph: (510) 741-7430

Dear Fran,

It has been almost a year and a half since I ‘found’ you on the internet, and I have been continuously inspired by your writings and enjoy your newsletters very much. They always seem to come when I most need them. One of your messages that I have really taken to heart is about goal setting. About a year ago I decided to write a cookbook, which is now in the final writing stages! So I want to thank you – you have been a very real positive force in my life even though we have never met.

This cook book has evolved into something that is focusing on women, and it is entitled “Girlfriends in the Kitchen®.” As part of this ‘evolution’, this book will not only be recipes but also include stories of women and their memories about cooking and food with their moms, grandmothers, aunts, children and girlfriends.

Thank you again for sharing your wisdom.

Most Sincerely,
Marybeth Gregg


Hello Fran!

I received the link to your website in Barry Donalson's newsletter, "Network Marketing Weekly."  I am a representative in Barry's organization, WGI (Worldgate Industries ).  Anytime Barry endorses someone, I pay close attention!  Barry is a fantastic mentor & motivator, and has helped tremendously with my personal development.

I found so much valuable information on your website I signed up for your newsletter immediately!  Besides MLM, I also have a day job where part of my duty is writing the monthly company newsletter.  I will definitely get inspiration from your newsletters. 

Thank you,
Debra M. Johnson, WGI Expansion
Phone: 704.308.0213
Your Link To Success:
"In order to have something you've never had, you must
do something you've never done!"

I am so proud of you, cousin! I'm typing this email with a smile on my face.
I will pass on this information on to my brother. He could use some of your inspiring thoughts. Maybe you can encourage him to "stay connected to his dreams."

Vitaline Briggs

I am fascinated by the creative strategies, suggestions and ingenuity for succeeding you deliver via your newsletter.

One in particular, is your strategy for ridding oneself from a bad habit: "Drop it like it's hot." Powerful, to the point, liberating, and immediately sent to my entire mailing list!

Keep up the great work.

Naomi Newman
Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

Hi Fran,
It's me, Roselyn. I enjoyed your newsletter. I'm glad that I stuck it out with school! Guess what, I have an A+ so far. I guess you were right, "Don't give up!"

Roselyn A.
Southern CA

Dear Fran,

I just recently perused your website and it is just as you are; wonderful. I wanted to take this time to say thank you for helping me begin my life anew. Going back to school is a tremendous undertaking for me (being married with three small school-age children). In our brief phone interaction, you made me feel important and worthy of achieving more in my quest for educational growth, and career growth. I wish you all the best and I look forward to reading your books and hearing more about your success.

Mrs. Bowers-Jackson
Richmond, Virginia (USA)

Dear Fran,

I have been receiving your e-zine for a little more than a year. It is only now that I have taken the time to contact you. You are very intuitive. Skilled are you in mastering the art of both challenging and inspiring your readers. Your work is fantastic. Have you considered writing a book on a topic such as, "Breaking Through Barriers [limitations]?"

You've a gift. A gift that has an ability to release millions from emotional bondage. I look forward to each e-zine and perhaps, a book in the near future.

Marlon Girard
Bordeaux, France

Hi Fran:

Thank you for writing personally. I have enjoyed reading the archives on your site and listening to the interviews. I am planning to purchase some of the offered products as well. Thank you. It's a great newsletter...both inspiring and practical!


I am an entrepreneur and aspiring writer who recently had the pleasure of meeting and working with Ms. Briggs. (Readers: the poignant, pleasant and poised demeanor you see on her website, is the same, live and in person!). 

Never have I met anyone with the combined optimism, wit, intellect, humor and generosity she possesses.  I am already producing increase in my finances as the result of her ideas and counsel.  Now, my vision is intense and clear.

Fran Briggs: You have an amazing gift for "bringing out, (as you say) what has been inside me all this time!"

Thank you.
Jerome Perrin
New Kingston, Jamaica


Thanks for the article. I remember reading about Wilma and I needed to read it again. So often we forget how hard others had to struggle but still "made it." Your article blessed me.

Wow. You are awesome! God's anointed woman. I am so excited about setting my goals and connecting with my purpose. Thanks for inspiring me (with your coaching) and taking the time to help me get back on the right track. Yes, it is powerful! And, l did write it all down. Thank you, Fran for believing in me.

Barb Walton
Reading, PA

Another great newsletter.

The largest room in the world, is the room for personal development!
Dr. Stanley Harris

Good day to you, Fran Briggs.

My name is Dan Mckim.  I work from home in my own health & nutrition, home business. Fran the reason I'm writing you, is because I wanted to thank you for your great, motivational story, The Amazing Power of the Human Will, which was the Friday story, from Bob Proctor's daily uplifting quotes. I read many motivational writings, throughout my day to keep the right mindset, and stay positive all day. I enjoy helping people improve their health and alleviate their pain, naturally. But, it is real hard because of all the lies, doctors, the FDA and other medical personnel tell them daily. Fran, thank you for such an awe-inspiring, motivational story. I Pray God will send Angels to watch over you and your family.

Dan Mckim
GBG/WMP, Vacerville California

Fran your books are awesome. My kids really loved, Don’t Think Like An Elephant. My three-year-old was so impressed with the colorful pictures that he kept on asking questions about the artwork while I tried to read. It took so long to read that short story because he kept on interrupting. The Seeds For Success is a blessing. I love it...

Vernette Carbon
Springfield, PA, USA

Dear Fran,

We really miss your smiling face and inspirational outlook at school.
Your web site is really growing as are you. Congratulations on all you are doing. You deserve nothing less than the very best that life has to offer. You are one of the most positive people I have ever met in my life. I thank you for the impact you have had on me and will never forget how blessed we were to have you on staff.

Ann M.
PUSD, Pittsburg, CA

Hi Fran

I love your photo, you are gorgeous!

It is great to be able to ‘see’ who you are dealing with when listening to people’s advice via motivational emails particularly when accepting them from another country.

I have not received your material so far but I hear from “People Stuff from Phil” here in Newcastle, Australia and your site was included in today’s newsletter. I am interested in receiving your newsletter.

I work with Life Activities Inc and we improve the lives of people with disability and as of next Monday my role will change after three years as Receptionist to Fundraiser & Community Awareness. For any of your readers that are interested in the area of disability they can check out our website at

Signing off from Australia.

Sherynne Smith


Thanks so much for the e-book "Success Seeds."  This is a wonderful publication.  I've referred all of my girlfriends to your site.  Continue to let God use you!  Keep up the good work.

Carmin Wharton Dolphy

Tampa, FL


Just read your "mini" bio S-T-R-E-T-C-H that was in My Daily Insights. Very inspiring story and life. Thank you for you and what you're doing

Cedric Long
Oakland CA


Hats off to you!  I just read your engaging e-book.  What comfort and inspiration!  Each well-conceived lesson stirred an awakening in the pit of my belly and moved me closer towards the greatness I am destined to become.

Simply a delectable meal for the soul.  Thank you.

Shira Jacobs, President
ESPY Products Inc.
"helping women of color have the hair they want"
(ph)  626-590-0986

Dear Miss Fran,

I really like your book Don't Think Like an Elephant!  I read it ten or five times in a row.  My favorite part is at the end because he believed in his dream.  He imagined real hard and it came true.

Alexander J. Walker
Age 9
Texas, USA


I read your story today, it was very nice and informative. I wish I could see you speaking physically or will be able to read your articles or published books. How good it will be to have you inspire our women folk in Nigeria.

I can't wait to read your book, I know it will be a very great inspiration to me and others around me. May our good Lord continue to inspire you for a greater work ahead in Jesus Name.

Victoria <>
Maiduguri, Nigeria

Happy to come across a website such as yours. I certainly would be visiting your site often.

I just read your story "S-T-R-E-T-C-H" today. Awesome story.  I can relate so well to what you are saying as I had a story too. I would love to talk to with you sometime. Keep up your good work and your website looks great.  I look forward to getting your books to read as I value good mentors and share with others so they can live a balanced life and achieve their dreams.

Lois White
Community Relations Officer
Citizens Commission on Human Rights
27 Carlton Street, Suite 304
Toronto, ON M5B 1L2
PH: 416-971-8555


I shall think of you as "Fabulous Fran". Your work is fantastic!!

Julie in Omaha, Nebraska


I like your website. It is very informative, full of inspirations and ideas!!  You need to be on the women-of-faith tour!! that would be soo neat!!  Congratulations on all of your success!

Alice Odhwani
Dallas Office Receptionist

Great book!

Phillip Pylant <>
San Diego, CA USA


Thank you for the encouragement and the insight on how you are pursuing your purpose. My hope is that with people like you to look to for direction my purpose will also come to fruition. I am looking forward to reading your book. God Bless!

Greg Diaz <>
Fremont , CA USA

Dear Fran,

Would love to see a link to that links directly to your books for ease of buying them right then and there from your website. For that matter add a link to your newsletter as well. It would not at all be presumptious! Most other authors do this from their sites. Think of Dr. Phil for instance. Just an idea. Hope to see them in the near future. Great job on your newsletter. Lots of though provoking reading included. You are awesome!

Ann <>
Pleasant Hill, CA USA

Fran is an inspiration of cosmic proportions! I look forward to the day that we in this part of the planet will have her inspire the female folks. Thank you for being a friend.

Sowunmi Olabode Jr <>
Lagos, Nigeria


You are truly an inspiration to me. I can't wait to read your book, I know it will have a great impact on my life.

Darlinda Wheeler <>
Beaumont, TX USA

I thank you for directing me to your web site. I LOVE your articles. Especially, the article about goals making your stretch. I believe that anyone who reads that article can see that once you set your mind to it, one can achieve ANYTHING. Thank you again, for your inspiration and motivation. Take care and God bless!

Dawn Fields
Dawn Fields <>
Paterson, NJ USA



Dear Fran,

It is a pleasure to work with you and to see the fruits of your labor as you have turned my troubled students into highly successful ones! You have given them the wings to soar and the lifeskills to inspire others with. Thank you for being so nurturing. Bravo on your new site and the up and coming book which I know was inspired by a very special boy you and I both know very well.

Pittsburg, CA USA

I would like to see a little inside of the book.

Aimee Dorsey ,11
Richardson, TX USA

Your words are very inspirational. You got my attention. Are you looking for additional speakers to be a part of your team?

Jerry W.
Washington, DC USA

This is grand, Fran!

Demples <>
Richardson, TX USA

Awesome information! Great site!


Hi, I really enjoyed reading the articles you wrote! You are an inspiration!


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