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Volume IV  No. 1 
January 1, 2006

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In this issue:
Quotes of the Week
A New Beginning
The Radically New, You!
5 Fantastic Ways to Make the Best of 5 Minutes
What Will Be?  What Will Positively Be?
Become Who You Already Are
To Your Health
Something to Do About
Tools for Your Success

"It's not what you are that holds you back.  It's what you think you are not."
- Denis Waitley
"There is no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love to do.  There is only a scarcity of resolve to make it happen."
- Dr. Wayne Dyer 
A New Beginning
Over the next few weeks, tens of millions of people from across the globe will set their intentions towards making 2006 more prosperous than 2005.  If you are committed to changing your life for the greater and experiencing exponential success, let me assure you that Your Seeds for Success will continue to offer the programs, information, resources and strategies designed to help you identify your goals, and create the energy and direction to reach them.
We look forward to keeping you on track for the next 12 months and beyond with personal, professional, and spiritual gems. 

To your sensational success,

The Radically New, You!

Do look now.  There is awesomeness revolving around you.  Wouldn't you like to capture it and own it?  If you did, you'd be a radically new, you!  A radically, new you means that you chosen to replace boldacious for balking; dreaming for doing, and brimming for becoming.  Picture yourself being with unlimited potential, vibrant energy and an abundance of creativity.

If you can, this may be the most valuable snapshot you've ever taken.  Your belief in self; your energy level; and an uncompromising resolve to re-create, all coalesce into a radically, new you.  A "you" who chooses "leaps" over "bounds." A "you" who embraces the "ups" and releases the "downs."

You are never too old, to become radically new.  Each day, buildings which have been around for decades are remodeled to meet new regulations and reach new standards.  Isn't your life more valuable than a dwelling?

I thought so.
So where do you start?  Begin with creating the radically new you picture of you.   Next, get all the knowledge and tools that are needed for your "reconstruction" then go to work!


5 Fantastic Ways to Make the Best of 5 Minutes

1. Grab 5 file folders. Dedicate 1 minute per folder and recycle all papers that are not needed

2. Take a trash bag and target one junk drawer. Set a timer for 5 minutes and discard everything that needs to be thrown away.
3. Go through your clothes closet and choose 7 articles of clothing which you rarely, or no longer wear.  Put them in a donation bag and place it in your car. Drop it off at a charity on your next trip out.
4. Make an appointment. Make one of those appointments you've been meaning to make.  Do you need to see your child's teacher?  Your doctor?  Perhaps even your mechanic.  Take five minutes and make an appointment now. 
5. Clear off a counter top or surface.  If you're like most people, there is at least one area in your home or office that is "warehousing" mail, junk, or miscellaneous items.  Toss, or put these items where they belong.  You'll experience a refreshing ambiance of space and clarity of thought.
What Will Be?  What Will Positively Be?
What will positively be by the end of this hour?
What will positively be by the end of your day?
What will positively be by the end of your year?
Become Who You Already Are
Have you ever dreamed of being more?  Do you have ideas, places you want to go and things you want to do, but lack the belief to follow through?  Don't allow procrastination to keep you from your transformation. Each day you wait, is a day of your life being lived, without you.  Create a clear vision of who you are and keep in front of your mind.  Live your life so it reflects excellence, honorable characteristics and your God-given abilities.  It's time to raise the bar.  Remind yourself of -- then become -- the you, you already are. 

You're Invited
I am raising funds for The Don't Think Like an Elephant! Reading Tour, and the Phoenix, Arizona Children's Hospital, respectively.  I am inviting you to: visit the online fundraising page, read all about the exciting logistics, and make a donation.  I promise.  It's really easy. 
Here is the page:
All donations are secure and will be distributed to The Don't Think Like an Elephant National Reading Tour and the Phoenix Children's Hospital.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  Please join us in supporting a fabulous cause, times two!
To Your Health
Magnesium and Your Cardiovascular System

Magnesium is a trace mineral that your body needs in order to maintain normal nerve and muscle function. It maintains a healthy heart, supports a healthy immune system, and controls your blood pressure.  It also helps to maintain strong bones and regulate blood sugar in energy metabolism.

A well-balanced, diet, may supply the daily magnesium you need. The best natural sources are avocados, fish, bananas, tofu, brown rice, and mineral water. As a supplement, magnesium-L-aspartate is the most bio-degradable form.

Source:  World Wide Web

Something to Do About 
Look beyond your own personal concerns and act upon the unlimited opportunities to assist others.  You'll experience life with a brand new eyes.


Girlfriends In The KitchenTM


This is an invitation for you to be a part of a new cookbook which is being created especially for women of all ages by Marybeth Gregg.

Wanted: Your stories (current and past) and memories of times in the kitchen, cooking, eating, taking in the activities, discussions and the aromas. I would be especially interested in those times you shared, or observed, with your mother, grandmother, aunts, cousins, friends, or other women who are part of your life. What did you learn?  There are only a few short days to send in your submissions.  For more information, or to submit your story and recipe for publication, visit:


Credit Restoration Made Easy!

~ by Tony Brooks, Licensed Real Estate Investment Broker

Credit Restoration Made Easy is a step-by-step method to erase bad credit. This is the same method used by attorneys and credit consultants with three exceptions:

1.   It isn't going to cost you between $400 - $3500
2.   It introduces more consumer-favored, options
3.  You can easily do it yourself 

Available in manual or in a PDF, e-book format

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Bible-Mix With a Funky Beat

Smoothe International, LLC has completed their CDs for the "Bible-Mix With a Funky Beat" project.  Said President of Smoothe International, LLC, Roy Smoothe, 

"Bible-Mix With a Funky Beat" is an awesome tool for reaching this generation -- young and old.  The responses from all quarters have been amazing."
Listen to two sample tracks of the contemporary (for us mature folk) version online: 


Tools for Your Success

Give Your Spirit, a Lift!
If you're one of those increasingly, rare music lovers who hasn't yet heard of Dolores Justinian Jackson (a.k.a. as "DeeJazz") ... You must check out this incredible blend of Jazz, Soul and Spirited music.  Immediately.  It features 
inspirational lyrics to create what the artist calls, "Inspirational Jazz."  It's a sound so unique and, so exciting ... it will lift your spirit and soothe your soul.  Turn up your speakers and listen to some sample tracks, now.
How Can I Get the "Word" Out?    eMediaCampaigns!
Have a news story or event that you need to get the word out? Then consider professional, press release distribution for your new product or service.
A photo and editorial feature in a major magazine can be the nugget that puts your company on easy street! Take it from us, because we have had that experience ourselves!  Publicity can convert a small company into a multi-million dollar organization.
eMediaCampaigns! is a premier, press release distribution service.  A hand-picked, team of writing experts will write, publish and then strategically submit your news to more than 27,000 journalists, online wire services, television stations, editors, radio stations and search engines around the world.  Let us expose you to more than 55 million viewers, readers, listeners and visitors to the world wide web who will discover who you are, and what you do.

When You're Ready for a Website ...

Isn't it time that you to had your very own, fantastic website?  A to Z Designs
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Professional, Genuine, Career Opportunities
"Pennsylvania Mother of two," Vernette Carbon has published an extremely, well-written manual jam-packed with solid information that can help you find a lucrative real home-based career. Imagine working for AAA, Carnival Cruise, Staples, AT&T... from the comfort of your own home. Get the f'ree report to make it happen!

Calling Things That Be Not as Though They Were!
Get excited.  Get inspired; because now you can learn how to manifest your desired results for prosperity in every area of your life. Discover the techniques for financial abundance, losing the fat, a new career, quitting smoking and more. Utilizing these tools, others have created remarkable results and now you can too! And, the best part is that you can do it all from the convenience and comfort of your own home or office!  Check out these testimonials.
"We have really benefited from the husband smoked over 40 years and has done *everything* to try to quit.  ...he hasn't had a cigarette in 5 months. "
-Flo Clark,  Texas

"I rarely lose a sale these days whereas I previously lacked confidence and credibility.  The CD has somehow helped me to develop an incredible rapport with my clients." -Mike King, Sheerness Cent, United Kingdom
I have now lost 65 pounds! I need another 10 - 15 lb. and will be at ideal weight! One year ago I was wearing a size 20 and now a size 8 to 10. That's incredible! And, I have received over $5,000 increase in my salary - 13% of my annual. And, a $3,000 bonus for taking a new job promotion!
See my "before" and "after" pictures here!

-Candice Quirts,  South Dakota

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Happy New Year!!
Fran Briggs
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