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Volume II  No. 13
October 1, 2004
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In this issue:
Quote of the Week
The Greenest Seeds Ever Planted
Get Courageous!
Stay Inspired
The Energized, You!
In the Still of the Day
Your Day to Win!
Something to Do About
Before You Go...
"I've failed over and over and over again in my life.  And that, is why I succeed." 
-Michael Jordan, 4-Time MVP, National Basketball Association, American Businessman 
The Greenest Seeds Ever Planted              
The harvest from our successzine has been simply, amazing.  The feedback from readers of both and this publication has been tremendous.  Every single day I get to read or hear from individuals and organizations who share how they are using these resources to be, have and do more. To God be all the Glory!  I have read hundreds of emails which disclosed plans for going back to school, getting into the speaking business, spending more time with God, earning more money, spending more time with their children, spending more time with themselves, losing excess fat from their bodies, enhancing their relationships, starting their own business, starting their own ministry... I am both honored and excited to celebrate your success and your success to come!  So excited, I want to give away three of the "greenest seeds" as my gift, to you.  The "greenest seeds" I'm talking about here, are Greenbacks.  You know, "C notes."  "Clams."  "Ben Franklins." A.K.A.... $100.00 bills. 

A Penny for Your Thoughts... $100.00 for Your Vision

When I was young and deep in thought, my Mother often offered, "A penny for your thoughts..."  That was one of her many "check-ins" that made me feel real special. 
"Hey Ma; how about $100.00 for my vision?"  I never asked.    
But I digress...
I will plant (i.e. give) one, $100.00 bill to each of the first three individuals who share and tell their "vision for success" for any area of their life.  If you shared your vision with me before, go ahead and share again!  What I discovered is that every time I publish a "vision for success story" from one of our readers, I receive several dozens of emails from others who have been instantly inspired to move on their own vision.  It's incredible.  Passion among the people just seems to spread like fire!  My aim is to start an inspirational inferno!                                                                                                     
Would you like a $100.00 bill for sharing your "vision for success story?"  All that is required is that you be one of the first three to submit it, and you agree to have your written vision published along with your name, city and state in the October 15, 2004 edition of Your Seeds for Success.  If selected, I'll also need your home address and phone numbers (these will not be published) so I can confirm, personally congratulate you, then rush $100.00 via certified mail to you.  That's it.  So, if I got your attention, e-mail your vision for success for any area of your life to: today.
Get Courageous!
Are you too cautious?  Do you play it way-----to-safe?  If so, not taking risks is costing you big!  It is in the absence of courage when we separate ourselves from the fulfillment of all our dreams and goals.  Your courageous heart is exactly like its physical counterpart: it's a weak muscle until it is worked.  What could you do in this quarter-hour to flex your muscle?  Do it now!  Make a decision, a phone call, send an important email ... say a prayer.  Know that one courageous act leads to another.  Inevitably, you will manifest a courageous lifestyle.
Stay inspired
Before pursuing any goal, identify exactly what it is that inspires and motivates you.  So, what are some of things that you can use right now to get and stay inspired?  Lots of things, actually.  And they're more readily available than you may think.  Consider movies, audio recordings, quotations, songs, testimonials, people, pictures and the Scriptures.  Whatever your goal is, know that what's most important is that you utilize these things and persist until you have it.
The Energized, You!
Make an immediate assessment of your personal energy level.  Do you need a boost?  Then commit today to discover how to optimize your energy levels.  Start by asking these powerful questions:
- What do I engage in every day that needlessly depletes my energy?
- What do I do, but should do more of, to increase my energy?
- What am I not doing, but should be doing, to optimize my energy?
- What part of the day can I reserve specifically to raise my energy reservoirs?
- What can I read, and who can I see to learn more?
Take the time to answer these questions, then go to work and make them happen!
In the Still Of the Day
Tranquility.  Who doesn't yearn for more?  Early morning, in the still of the day, before I even get out of my time for tranquility.  It's my time to pray, give praise, plan and meditate.  I reserve 15-30 minutes to reflect and project; to sit and lay quietly. Start the day in the most ideal place for solitude and tranquility.  For you, that may mean your back yard or an extra room in your house.  Tranquility.  Just saying the word softly puts you in that exact state, doesn't it?  Each morning, honor your faith and yourself with total relaxation.  There is no better time to receive fulfillment, purification and direction, than in the still of the day.
Your Day To Win!

I want to share with you an incredible program that I used over a year ago, to totally change my life in 5 days.  I transformed effortlessly; and I mean effortlessly.  My unconscious mind absorbed my desire to change even when I was consciously, unaware.  As the result, I have manifested permanent change from an incredibly, non-productive habit.  This is a powerful program - a complete success system that will radically change your life by ridding you of your most destructive habits.  Don't just take my word for it.  There are tens of hundreds of testimonials of individuals just like me and you, who have experienced tremendous success as well.  To discover exactly what I'm talking about, visit  Your Day to Win! at

Something to Do About
Reinstate yourself as the person in charge of your own fulfillment.
Before You Go...
This is the first day, of the last quarter of the year.  Can you believe it?  Plan and live your life so you aren't distracted from what's most important - you!  Here's a powerful question you can ask yourself today.  It will help you focus and stay excited for the remainder of the year. 
"What can I do in the next 92 days and be proud about, when January 1, 2005, rolls in?" 
Be very specific and be sure to write it down.
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Make it a Great and Prosperous Day!
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