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Volume II  No. 14
October 15, 2004
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Quote of the Week
What to do When You Don't Feel Like it
Do the Do
The Greenest Seeds Are in the Ground!
Your Day to Win!
Something to Do About
Before You Go...
"The price of success: dedication, hard work and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen."
-Frank Lloyd Wright
What to Do When You Don't Feel Like it             
Here's a great strategy almost anyone can profit from.  Use it the next time you hear yourself singing the "(DA-NA-NA-NA-NA) I-really-should-get-this-done... (DA-NA-NA-NA-NA) But-I-don't-feel-like-doing-it-now... (DA-NA-NA-NA-NA...)" blues.                                                                                           
Stay honest with yourself.  Say, out loud: "I don't feel like it, but I'm making it a priority and will do one thing, right now."  Then, do one thing in your "right now" that moves you closer to getting it done.  Last week, when I returned from a long trip, I realized it was time to get the oil changed.  I told myself: "I don't feel like it."  However, I know the consequences of dirty oil and filters.  I used this strategy and immediately scheduled it into my "right-now," even if I didn't get it done until later that day...and I did!  Notice, I first acknowledged, then immediately let go of my temporary feelings.  Then, I further empowered myself by using how I was feeling, to get me to what I should to be doing.    
Do the Do
How many times, and for how many years, have we told people about the home we're going to buy, the car we're going to drive, the business we're going to start or the book we're going to write?  Why is it that we say, but never do?  Because, it takes far less effort to say what we want to do, than it does to believe, then actually do, what we want to do.  We're slick.  We know it's much easier to talk about doing the remarkable, than it is to do the remarkable.  It's not only comfortable, but has become incredibly fashionable, to "talk a good game."  And besides; what's the big deal? Almost everyone does it.  Hey, now that you've told everyone-including yourself - what you're going to do... "do the do."  Do whatever is necessary to realize your dreams. Experience the tumultuous joy of going from, "Listen to what I'm going do," to, "Look ... what I did." 
The Greenest Seeds Are in the Ground!
I want to thank all of you who enthusiastically shared your plans as part of the "Bill My Vision for Success," promotion.  "Bill My Vision" was not a contest.  Rather, it was an opportunity to inspire others to embark upon and "break ground" on a vision of their own.  My aim was to start an inspirational inferno.  Well, let me tell you; we received an abundance of fuel.  So much, that I will be publishing exciting "vision for success" stories throughout the year.  Congratulations to the recipients of the first $100.00 seeds.  Below are the first three of many men, women and children who shared their vision.  I am believing many will benefit not only from what is sowed, but also, the fantastic harvests to come.  

My name is Michelle C. Ustaszeski.  I am a writer and photographer of motivational and inspirational bookmarkers called "Sam-n-Nick's Inspirations" named after my two children, Samantha and Nicholas.  At least that is how I began 5 years ago.  Last year, I decided to take some of that success and build a new family tradition with it ... thus, The Sam-n-Nick's Foundation was born in 2003.  Last year, we were able to donate 405 Teddy Bears to 15 different hospitals in our local area.  It was also around the same time that I decided I wanted to somehow enhance children's creativity and their love of reading and so I offered children in my son's school the opportunity to create their own bookmarkers by coloring, painting, or pasting onto a Bookmarker Template Form.  In return they received their very own professionally made bookmarkers.  How proud they were! 

What is my vision now?  Well, what will happen is that the Sam-n-Nick's Family Foundation will start it's first annual Teddy Bear Preparation Party in November where family and friends will gather to attach an inspirational message to each Teddy bear and help pack the bears into boxes designated for each hospital.  My children and I, along with a few other families, are going to personally deliver these on Christmas Day this year.  I plan for this foundation to someday have families around the nation bringing these gifts to hospitals, orphanages, and children's homes each year.  I plan to work with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society by donating bookmarkers with the designs of very talented youngsters, with permission by their parents, for their Read-a-Thon Program packages.  Attached to these donated bookmarkers will be an order form for children to create their own bookmarkers.  Those orders will help fund the foundation.  Soon, in approximately 10 years, Sam-n-Nicks will be a household name where every child will have had the opportunity to create their own bookmarkers and many will have shared their art with thousands of other children around the world by the donations we made.  

I have also created a gallery where children's bookmarker art can be viewed at  Parents will sign permission on the form to allow their children's art to be viewed by potential donatees and family and friends everywhere.

Then someday, when I'm about 80, I'm going to sit back with the biggest grin imaginable, and maybe even a tear, and watch my children, my grandchildren, and hundreds of other families work together to coordinate the biggest giving day of the year... The Sam-n-Nick's Foundation Day a/k/a Christmas.
Michelle Ustaszeski
Sicklerville, New Jersey
Sam-n-Nick's Inspirations

After spending a lot of years (too many!) reaching for all the things that don't satisfy, I have scaled back my work week to approximately 1/2.  Now, this has not been easy to do, considering that my income was the supporting our household.  While driving to work one morning, pleading with God to show me the path he wanted me to take, I had the most incredible 'vision' of my own.   The only way I can describe it is it was if a huge mylar screen hung down in front of me (it was see-through of course, remember, I'm driving!) and I saw God's hand with a marker in it...there were only two points that were visible to
me on this checklist:

#1 - support my husband
#2 - open up time in my life for God to use my time and abilities for His

God was checking off both of those points.  My husband has grown accustomed to being the second income earner, and I am just so much aware of how he has felt held back in some of his own aspirations so that we could follow my ambitions.  God is pretty clear that needs changing to create the right order in our household.  As I learn to trust and support him more, my eyes are being opened to the ways God would
like to use him and his skills as well as mine.

Since opening up time in my life, I can't begin to tell you some of the blessings that are pouring in.  We have adjusted to a lesser income, I don't know how, it is just happening!  I am finding myself being more giving, even though I have less to give.  I have found purpose in a ministry opportunity
that is allowing many from our community to find Jesus ... on and on...

Wow, Wow Wow.  Finding purpose is more about yielding to God and the work of His spirit than anything we could do for ourselves. I don't know what's on the rest of that checklist, but I walk in faith daily that one day, I'll see that chart again....

Vivian Wall
Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada

Dear Fran:

My vision for success is that I want to have abundance in my life an abundance of spiritual peace, of happiness, of love, of health, of friends, of business success and of money. I have come to understand that abundance is not only about money- it is about having the freedom to experience all of the best things of living without limits. I have also learned, through many painful and trying times, that I am the only one who can make this happen, that I cannot rely on others for my own happiness or success, and that anything is possible and in my own control.  I have had many years of being affluent, but that all changed to the point where there were times when I had to count quarters in order to buy groceries.  In my mid-life, I was shocked by the fact that this was happening to me. It wasn’t supposed to-this isn’t what I signed up for-this isn’t what I thought my life would be like at this stage of the game. Poor me!! The bad economy, 9/11, age discrimination, laziness ... these were my problems. And then I dug deep down and realized that the only one who did this to me, was me! And that I have all that is necessary within me to have abundance back in my life, abundance beyond money. So when I designed my vision for success, it was focused on my spiritual connection and my most important needs. This vision has given me an inner peace and strength to move forward, even in the face of tough challenges that I continue to face every day. I know that I am and will continue to reach my success vision, and understand that it is an awe-some and thrilling journey in this life.

 Marybeth Gregg

Sea Girt, New Jersey


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Something to Do About
Start from where you are, then confidently take one step at a time.
Before You Go...
When you are incredibly challenged, remember the reasons you committed in the first place.  Compelling "whys" will keep you going.  Uncompromised faith and belief, will get you there...
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Fran Briggs
Your Seeds for Success
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