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Volume II  No. 15

November 1, 2004

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In this issue:
Quotes of the Week
How to Get What You Truly Desire
Priority Check
Do Something Different
A Vision Shared
Could You Say that Another Way, Please?
Your Day to Win!
Something to Do About
Before You Go...


"Nothing is as real as a dream...responsibilities need not erase it.  Duties need not obscure it.  The dream is within you.  No one can take it away."

-Tom Clancy, Author

"I got my start, by giving myself a start."
-Madam C.J. Walker, Early 20th century African American entrepreneur, philanthropist and self-made millionaire 

I'd like to recognize all of our readers who continue to share their decision to enthusiastically and ardently pursue their dreams.  Thank you for taking the time to disclose your plans and progress.  I am believing the continued best for you in all of your endeavors.  

How to Get What You Truly Desire
  • Write down a clear, vivid, colorful and description of what you truly desire.  Read your statement out loud several times and imagine it already manifested.                                          
  • Each evening, write down the specific actions you took that moved you closer to your goal and the specific actions that you will take the next day, to move you toward your goal.   
  • Continue to focus on your desire several times day and night utilizing prayer and meditation. You can do this by sitting or lying down with your written, targeted goal in hand.  Close your eyes and see yourself receiving it.
  • Repeat this strategy ... until you have it.
Priority Check

When was your last "Priority Check?" Just a few years ago, I had my first.  It involved a self-evaluation and making a total assessment.  I wrote down how I was spending my time and what was most important to me (my values). What I discovered was that there was a huge contradiction in what I said I valued, what I considered important priorities, and how I spent my time.  Let me explain.  Back then, I said: "God first."  I have always valued my relationship with God.  However, I realized that I was making very little time to seek Him.  What I recognized as the "#1 value in life" (my relationship with God), was in fact, very low in priority.   "Family" was my "#2 value value in life;" but all that meant was that my family was second only to God, who wasn't even first at all!  Uh-huh, I was all mixed up.  This incongruence was keeping me from enjoying a balanced and fulfilling life.  How did I correct?  With a simple - but powerful - priority check.  I wrote down my values, repositioned my priorities and committed to live an amazing life totally free of contradictions.  

Do Something Different

Discover the incredible power of doing just one thing, different.  Step outside your comfort zone with a boldness and see where it leads you.  Make a new friend.  Join your local Chamber of Commerce, read a new book, volunteer at a shelter, start a savings account, actually go away during your next vacation!  When you do just one thing different, you open the gates to literally, thousands of new opportunities.  Commit to do one thing different this week and discover what's been patiently waiting for you.  

A Vision Shared
12 years ago - after being published in various magazine simply because my photography work (prior to this period) was being used for advertising various clothes in Vogue magazine, I got the idea to advertise myself utilizing one of my own photographs. But which one should I use?  Since I did not want to become known for one type of work over another I was very hesitant in putting any type of image that was specific towards one category or type of photography over another.  I did, however, begin reading quite diligently about selling (which is what I wanted the card to do) and I remember the phrase, "You sell yourself," repeatedly being used. Then, it finally hit me that I should use my "Self Portrait" - and that is what I did - I created a business card with my "Self Portrait" printed on it and that card has been used by me ever since - and to such a great success as I could never have imagined!                                                                                                                     
So far I have given out over 1.7 million cards and counting; but my vision is to continue giving out these cards and possibly utilize the same photograph in National and International Magazines so that my work may be seen by more people. The web site that I have sells both of my services and there is a Gallery introducing viewers to the over 3,000 images there as well: 

Walter Paul Bebirian
Forest Hills, NY 11375
Thanks for sharing such a spectacular vision, Walter.  To your continued success!  - Fran
Could You Say that Another Way, Please? 
During a Major League Baseball game, a frustrated pitching coach walked out to the mound to consult with his pitcher who had just walked two batters in a row.  Five more pitches, bases loaded and a call to the bull pen later, the pitcher was taken out of the game.  In the dugout, he was overheard talking to a teammate.  Clearly agitated, he asked: "Why did he (the pitching coach) say, 'Don't walk this guy.'  All that did was shift my focus to do exactly what I didn't want to do!" 
Pitching coaches, Mothers of five, computer technicians, dietitians - human beings - have a propensity to express their desires and concerns in terms of emphasizing exactly what they don't want to happen.  When we do this, we disempower ourselves and others and become a magnet for attracting more, of what we don't want.  Make a point to shift your focus.  Focus on the ideal situation.  What we think about, expands.  State your desires so they attract, what you do want.  In the case of the pitcher above, I'm not sure what he rather have heard, but I believe he would have been better served if he heard something as simple as, "strike this guy out."  I wonder how many "run-slip-and-fall victims" heard, "Don't run; or you'll slip and fall!" as they ran, slipped and fell.  Too few of us are saying, "Walk, and you'll stay on your feet." 
Shift your focus.  What are some of the things, said another way, that could help keep people out of the emergency room, and in the game.

Your Day To Win!

Hey, everyone!  I want to share with you an incredible program that I used over a year ago to totally change my life in 5 days.  I transformed effortlessly; and I do mean effortlessly.  My unconscious mind absorbed my desire to change even when I was consciously, unaware.  As the result, I have manifested permanent change from an incredibly, non-productive habit.  This is a powerful program - a complete success system that will radically change your life by ridding you of your most destructive habits.  Don't just take my word for it.  There are tens of hundreds of testimonials of individuals just like me and you, who have experienced tremendous success as well.  To discover exactly what I'm talking about, visit  Your Day to Win! at  

Something to Do About

Write down exactly what you have to do to go from where you are ... to where you want to be.

Before You Go...

Each waking moment, choose excellence over mediocrity.

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Have a Great Week, Everyone!

Fran Briggs
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