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Volume III  No. 3

February 1, 2005

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In this issue:
Quotes of the Week
Tap Into Your Incredible Power Within
Plug in Your Systems for Success
"Science" Absolutely Detests a Vacuum
Do What You Fear and the Fear Disappears
Play it Forward
Something to Do About
Tools for Your Success



"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

"The Kingdom of God is within you."       

-Jesus of Nazareth (Luke 17:21)


Tap Into Your Incredible Power Within

I am often amazed when I hear statements such as: "I will; when I get some courage."  The response infers that courage is something that might be found on "Aisle 5."  Between the wisdom and the energy.  The fact is, you already have more courage than you will ever need. Courage is not something that you have to go out and get ... you already have it!  It has always been inside of you. Tap into, meditate on and call upon the greatness that has been inside you all the time.  Use it to soar to your most cherished goals and experience results you never imagined possible...

Don't; and you won't.

As long as there is anxiety, doubt or procrastination in your quest for courage, there will be no courage.  Whatever it is that you are seeking-courage, creativity, wisdom, health, wealth, energy or happiness-you must begin, within.  There, you have power!  Use it to help you manifest your most greatest needs, dreams and desires.




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Plug in Your Systems for Success    

Why is it that so many of us who work diligently and ethically rarely achieve our objectives?  And, why is it that those who-seemingly-work half as hard and half as long experience one success after another?  The answer is twofold; successful people succeed because they implement proven, systems for success.  Secondly, successful people have mastered the art of making time, work for them.  Are you utilizing proven systems for success in your life?  Here's a powerful outlet that you can use to easily plug in proven, systems for success, today.        

  • Commit to daily, definite objectives 
  • Entertain only empowering thoughts
  • Enlist the help of others
  • See it, then be it!

Begin each day with enthusiasm and commitment.  Write down or review your objectives.  Your objectives are priorities which you have committed to make happen. Put down your "by when," or the hour that each task will absolutely be done by. Honor each priority as you would a meeting with your employer.

Choose to entertain only thoughts that empower yourself or others.  When challenged by adversity, recall similar situations where you triumphed, in spite of.  Empowering thoughts serve as fuel.  They get you from where you are, to where you desire to be.  Drive by any negative thoughts.  They'll contaminate your fuel and corrode your entire "think tank." Identify quotations, scriptures and stories which you can refer to for inspiration.  Refer to them often!  My favorite stories come straight out of the Bible.  Like the one about the three Hebrew boys who refused to bow down to "pressure" and instead, demonstrated their faith by willingly walking into a firery furnace.  They came out totally unscathed!  State out loud the things that support your optimal outcome. Learn to expect the best in any given situation. 

Successful people seek the help of others.  I have always said that no one succeeds alone. Asking assistance from others is an excellent example of intelligent use of your time. Once you know your plan, communicate your objectives to those who you can trust to follow through.  Enthusiastically explain your objectives and clearly describe your "big picture" with them.  They'll catch your enthusiasm and will be more than happy to assist you in any of your endeavors.

Being successful is as simple as seeing yourself successful.  Visualize your ideal day from beginning to end.  Include all of the details.  Our brains are powerful, multi-sensory, multi-stimulated extremely interactive organs.  The sharper the picture we create, the more energy we release towards its manifestation.  Create the ideal conditions for your victorious vision in your mind's eye.  It will pull you towards the successful "you."

You just received a powerful outlet and amazing systems for success.  Plug 'em in, plug 'em in!


"Science" Absolutely Detests a Vacuum by Phil Evans

It really doesn't matter if we replace the word 'science' with - The Universe; Life; God; Nature ..... or any other words you have to describe what's around us ..... The moment there's a vacuum - it has to be filled - it's Nature's way - it's a scientific fact that most of us understand because the principle has been taught to us from when we were little'ns.  But when we relate it to life itself - that becomes a bit harder to comprehend because it's very esoteric and 'out there' - but certainly worth considering as a good possibility ..... just in case it may be true. 
If we can get our heads around this principle when we wish to create something new in our lives - then we need to create a 'space' for that new thing to manifest and become a reality.

Simple example: …. If you would like to create a new wardrobe of clothes - then you must flick the old ones that are taking up the space in your closet - rather than hoard them for when you 'lose that weight again' - or - 'that fashion will come back again one day' - or 'even though I never wear that, I really like it' - or 'Mum gave me that so I better not throw it away' ..... it's a long list huh.
  Have a real clean-out !!!  Take all of the clothes that you just don't wear down to the recycle bin - or give them to your favourite charity - it doesn't matter what you do with them - but preferably give them to some worthy cause rather than just 'dump them'.  Create the space !!!   You will be amazed at how quickly it re-fills :)

More examples: …. You wish to create a new partner of some kind (business or personal) - create a space for them in your mind; in your office; in your home ..... it MUST be filled.


You may wish to expand your business, and not sure where to start?  Begin by creating the space (the vacuum) by getting a larger office, more desks or more computers where you are right now (in a way that is realistic to your situation ... that's your call) - the right people will fill them - regardless of the number.  One of the biggest steps that anyone ever faces in business is to move from being a Sole-Trader to then taking someone on as an employee (or contractor) to help them.  It may not sound or seem to be a big step - but it is HUGE !!!  Ask anyone who has made that move is often terrifying - but it starts a process that usually continues to encourage and promote even more growth - because the lesson has been learnt ... "It's not so hard after all."


You may want to write a book and you've been putting off actually doing it forever ..... create a space for your very own book on your bookshelf - then work towards filling the space.  That creates a real purpose for your mind now - the space must be filled.  Like any other process - creating the space has to start in our minds - and then it will become a reality as we start to act on the thoughts and make them happen. 
This way of thinking can be applied to every aspect of our lives - simply because there is an incredibly powerful scientific principle behind it ..... Science Detests a Vacuum !!!

Even if you are the greatest sceptic - keep your mind open enough to try this - it works !!!


Phil Evans thrives on the ability to empower people through teaching about taking responsibility for our lives.  To stop blaming - and get on with it !!!  Phil lives in Newcastle, Australia - and works and plays in the surrounding regions.  He writes two free inspirational emails each week.  You can subscribe by visiting and going to the PeoplEmail button in the Main Menu.  Don't just subscribe - have a good look around - there's over 3,000 pages of inspiring stuff.  Phil also welcomes 'howdy' mail at


Do What You Fear and the Fear Disappears!

Fear is nothing more than our own, very scary movie that keeps us in bondage.  Ironically, we choose to view the same movie over and over and over again.  We never tire of it.  Isn't that interesting?  Perhaps because it's free and we don't have to "get up" to see it.  Here's what I know for sure: each time we watch our movie, instead of "do" our movie, we "burn" another disempowering copy in the front of our minds.  It's easy to see how fear remains the focus in our daily lives. What's worse is that we've concocted so many "what if this happens," we've become paralyzed by what we analyze.  Stop allowing fear to steal your peace and separate you from your destiny.   Get up and be the director of your own life or someone-or something else-will!  Terrified of the thought of going to your dentist?  Then make an appointment and go see your dentist.  Apprehensive about asking your supervisor for a raise?  Then schedule a time with your supervisor and ask for a raise.  Afraid of asking someone who caught your interest, out?  Then ask the person who caught your interest, out.

Do what you fear and the fear disappears!  Ta-daahh!


Play it Forward

Thinking things through before you start to do saves time, money and minimizes mistakes.  Play forward in your mind what you're going to accomplish before you actually begin.  You'll reduce the amount of work you do later.  Seeing in advance that step 2, is imperative and needs to be completed before steps 3, 4 and 5, you position yourself to realize your goal efficiently and accurately.

Conversely, poor planning often results in taking two steps backwards for every one step forward. Even worse, very poor planning will lead to you taking three steps backwards, for every two steps backwards!  Play it forward.  In doing so you'll visualize the proper sequence of events required to achieve your milestones in the fewest number of steps possible.

Prevent time-consuming mistakes.  Play your objectives forward and accomplish your goals as quickly as possible.

Something to Do About
Do the one thing that you think you cannot do.
Tools for Your Success
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Make February, Fabulous!
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