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Volume III  No. 4

February 15, 2005

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In this issue:
Quote of the Week
Mountain-Moving Momentum
The Simplest Things Are Often, the Most Powerful Things
Sweet Expectations
Five Secrets of the Fittest
How Stretching Can Explode Muscle Growth
Something to Do About
Tools for Your Success


"I will waste not even a precious second today in anger or hate or jealousy or selfishness. I know that the seeds I sow I will harvest, because every action, good or bad, is always followed by an equal reaction. I will plant only good seeds this day."

-Og Mandino, Author 

Mountain-Moving Momentum
It can be challenging to think about going to the next level.  Especially when you're completely overwhelmed by the thought of taking the next step.  Are you catatonic?  "Stuck on still"?  Moving nowhere, fast?  Perfect!  You are in excellent position to generate what I call, "mountain-moving momentum."  You see, mountain-moving momentum lets you start any task - no matter how big - as you are.  You may already know that momentum keeps you in motion long enough to do what you desire to do.  Well, mountain-moving momentum is even more effective than this. That's why any disempowering state is an ideal condition to start from.  It's so effective that, once you get started, it's going to take quite an effort to stop.  Mountain-moving momentum empowers you by keeping you in motion long enough to do what no one - including you - thought you could do. The fact is, it takes mountain-moving momentum to achieve goals such as massive fat-loss, stupendous financial gain or an eye-popping, ear-catching, winning proposal.  The more mountain-moving momentum you generate, regardless of the size of the goal, the sooner your goal will be achieved.
A law of physics says:
Momentum = Mass x Velocity   
Mountain-Moving Momentum = Mass x Velocity + Stick-to-it-'til-u-do-it-ty
Any size mass (or, goal) may be difficult at first.  But, if you incorporate mountain-moving momentum, you'll achieve even the biggest goal in the shortest amount of time possible.  The Mountain-Moving Momentum Law says that once you begin moving towards a challenging goal, nothing can stop you except you.  Blow past your resistance and you'll discover that what you thought would take years to achieve, actually only required a few weeks or even days.  Here are the underlying principles of the law:
  • Make God your partner 
  • Whatever the goal...just get it started! 
  • Maintain a rapid speed that both, sustains your momentum and keeps you moving towards your goal
  • Stick to it, until you do it!
Remember, the only thing that can stop your mountain-moving momentum is your own resistance.  This includes all of the excuses you use to tell you, why you, can't succeed.  And you know what those are.  Moving a mountain requires a mandated, mountain-moving velocity. It may require a little effort up front.  However, once you begin, even you, will be hard-pressed to stop you.
The Simplest Things Are Often, the Most Powerful Things

There is a huge misconception that techniques and strategies used to achieve success have to be sophisticated or complicated in order be effective.  In fact, many of us refuse to implement any proven and time-tested principle if it's really easy to do. Mistakenly, we believe that, if it's too simple, it can't possibly work!  No wonder why we're always in search of the "new and improved." 
The following is an incredibly powerful letter I recently received.  What makes it so powerful is the recognition of the Great, "I AM."  The underlying principle within is not only simple, but proven and time-tested.  "C.M.W." is biblically-based wisdom which we all can benefit from. 
I know that what we think and believe will change our lives mentally and physically as well.  A few years ago, I went through a totally unexpected break up with my husband of 30 years.  My mind and body went into shock and it took a few months to get started back on the right path with a new outlook.  I had spent the first couple of months in complete denial and in complete depression.  Then, I started on the road to emotional healing and stability.  Suddenly, I found myself physically ill. My health went downhill.  Six months later, I was admitted to the hospital hours away from death.  My liver was failing, my kidneys were failing and my heart was failing.  Basically, my body had shut down. My long term prognosis was not good.

A friend of mine told me a story that is too long to tell everything here, but, I decided I could heal myself. I continued to take the medications and had regular exams.  But, more importantly, I started chanting the following phrase. "I am whole, I am healed, I am perfect."  I figured this covered all of the bases.  I found myself saying these words all day long.  Aloud and silently. I would wake in the night with these words in my head.  For two consecutive years, these words became my constant companions.  Slowly, I improved.  The doctors told me that I would not be able to reverse the damage to my organs and I would always be on medication and never be healthy again.  Boy, were they wrong!  After 4 years of improvement and healing, I threw away my medications.  My doctors were amazed. Now, three years later, I am in great health with no lasting affects.  My mind and body had come to accept the words, "I am whole, I am healed, I am perfect," as the truth.

I still use these words on a regular basis as my way to remind myself and my body that I AM "whole, healed and perfect."  What a great learning experience this has been for me.

Best Regards,
Thank you for sharing, C.M.W.  This is a remarkable testimonial which brilliantly illustrates how to conquer unforeseen challenges.  I have a knowing that your story will alter thousands of lives for the better, and for a long time to come.
Sweet Expectations

Michele Hoskins is a visionary.  She recently released an incredible book illustrating how she transformed a family legacy - her great-great-grandmother's recipe for syrup - into her life's purpose and a multimillion-dollar business.  It's a brilliant read loaded with ingenious business and innovative success principles.  This book is for anyone looking to be totally inspired.  It includes how Michele broke through barrier after barrier without compromising her will, values or spirit.  It belongs in every board room, family room and classroom.  "Sweet Expectations: Michele Hoskins' Recipe for Success (published by Adams Media),"  is a business plan and inspirational piece in one.  It's guaranteed to bring renewed vision and energy to all who read it.  It's not one of those "if she can do it; I can do it" books.  It's more like, "She's doing it; why am I still waiting?"  Discover how Michele's persistence, passion and patience, combined with a never-ever quit, work ethic, connects her with her destinyI believe it will capture your interest - and your heart - from page one, to months after reading it.  Here's an excerpt from "Sweet Expectations: Michele Hoskins' Recipe for Success."  

"I can't do it," I said.  "I'm starting my own company."                                        

When I said that, he looked at me and asked, "You're doing what?" ... He fired me.

Mr. Johnson had done me a favor.  Although at the time I couldn't appreciate it on that level.  If he hadn't let me go, I might still be trying to figure out my strengths.  I might still be getting ready...I started concentrating on my syrup.  There was no other game in town for me.  I could now apply maximum passion to this.  I thought, "If I could sell $5,000 worth of (cosmetics) for Mr. Johnson in a week, and my (commission) was $500.00, I can now flip that."  I figured I could make $5,000 and pay somebody else $500.  To think this way, I had to ignore the fact that I didn't have any money and I didn't have anyone I could get the money from.  I was in debt and I couldn't borrow any more...

Ms. Hoskins is founder and owner of Michele Foods, Inc., a multimillion-dollar company that produces Honey Creme Syrup, Butter Pecan Syrup and Maple Creme Syrup.  She has appeared on Oprah, CNN and Oxygen and has been featured in major periodicals such as People Magazine, Black Enterprise and Fortune.  "Sweet Expectations: Michele Hoskins' Recipe for Success" is available at, Barnes & Nobles and all major, off-line bookstores.  The recipe that inspired her delicious Honey Creme Syrups was her great-great-grandmother's. America Washington, was a born slave. The syrups can be found in restaurants such as Denny's and on the shelves of grocery stores, nationwide.


Five Secrets of the Fittest

  • Get Plenty of sleep.  It takes a wide-awake you, to make your dreams come true!

  • Take a 15-30 minute brisk walk every day. It's the ultimate energy booster.

  • Approach each day as a challenge.  Expect to conquer!

  • Eat more "green and lean" (foods that grow on trees and plants and high-protein/less fat foods).

  • Drink plenty of water and green tea.


How Stretching Can Explode Muscle Growth

by Nick Nilsson


Not only is stretching important for flexibility, it is CRITICAL for massive, rapid muscle growth.  When you think about gaining muscle, stretching is probably not the first thing that pops into your head. But did you know that stretching plays a critical role in building muscle? Every muscle in your body is enclosed in a bag of tough connective tissue known as fascia. Fascia is important for holding your muscles in their proper place in your body. But your fascia may also be holding back your muscle growth. Your muscles want to grow but something is holding them back. Because fascia is so tough, it doesn't allow the muscle room to expand. It is like stuffing a large pillow into a small pillowcase. The size of the muscle won't change regardless of how hard you train or how well you eat because the connective tissue around your muscles is constricting the muscles within. The best example of this is the calf muscle. The lower leg is riddled with fascia because of its tremendous weight-bearing duties in the body. 


The Solution: Stretching.


Using the pillowcase example from above, imagine you can expand the size of the pillowcase by stretching it. Suddenly, the pillow within has more room and will expand to fill that new space. By stretching your muscles under specific conditions, you can actually stretch your fascia and give your muscles more room to grow. The key to effective fascial stretching is the pump. The best time to stretch to expand the bags that are holding in your muscles is when your muscles are pumped up full of blood. When your muscles are fully pumped up, they are pressing against the fascia. By stretching hard at this time, you increase the pressure which leads to expansion of the fascia.  Do not stretch so hard that you cause the muscle to tear or cause injury to yourself. You should not feel any sharp pain, just a steady pull.


Hold each stretch for at least 20 to 30 seconds as you must give your fascia time to be affected by the stretch. Stretch hard like this only when you have a fully pumped muscle as you must give your fascia a reason to expand. If your muscles aren't pumped, just stretch normally. One set of hard stretching after each set you do for a muscle group, besides the obvious benefits of increased flexibility, can have an incredible effect on the size of your muscles and their further ability to grow.


About the Author


Nick Nilsson is Vice-President of BetterU, Inc., an internet-based personal training company. He has trained for more than 14 years and has been a personal trainer for more than 8 years. He is the author of the training eBooks "The Best Exercises You've Never Heard Of", "Gluteus to the Maximus" and "Specialization Training."

Visit Nick's website at  

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Something to Do About
Be whole.  Be healed.  Be perfect.
Tools for Your Success
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