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Volume IV  No. 4 

February 15, 2006

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Quotes of the Week
Do What You Must Do
Money: Your Unlimited Capacity to Obtain
Time to Recommit and REALLY Get Bold
Do You Have a Strategic Plan For Your Success?
Final Call for Girlfriends In The KitchenTM" !!
Homemade Pizza, My Mother, and a Lifetime Will to 'Do It Right'
PQ.s: Power Questions
You're Invited
Tools for Your Success

"If life is 'putting the pressure on,' let your thoughts and unwavering beliefs become your cushion."

- Fran Briggs

"Life is like a puzzle; hard to put together and easy to take apart."

Kelsi Brooks, Age 13

"Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do, when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not; it is the first lesson that ought to be learned."      

- Thomas H. Huxley
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Do What You Must Do
Do what you must do to achieve your goals and be consistent in your doing.  Expect success.  This is exactly what separates the winners from the "honorable mentions."  A string of "staying focused days" will inevitably manifest into a totally focused week.  A few totally focused weeks can be recorded as a magnificent month.  Three magnificent months is equivalent to
an amazing quarter.  Four amazing quarters can produce a life-transforming year.  
Money: Your Unlimited Capacity to Obtain  by Brian Tracy
The starting point of accumulating money is for you to believe that you have an unlimited capacity to obtain all the money that you will ever need. Look upon yourself as a financial success just waiting for a place to happen. And see yourself as deserving all you can honestly acquire.  Money gives you choices and enables you to live your life the way you want to live it. Money opens doors for you that would have been closed in its absence. But just like anything, an obsession can be hurtful.  If a person becomes so preoccupied with money that he loses sight of the fact that money is merely a tool that is to be used to acquire happiness, then money becomes a harmful thing. 
Two things you can do immediately to put these ideas into action: 

First, recognize and accept that virtually everyone who has money today at one time was broke and probably broke for a long time.  Learn the skills of accumulating it and what is needed to become financially independent.

Second, become a student of money from this day forward. Study it, learn about it and apply the lessons you discover toward your own financial life until you begin to attract more and more money in your direction.


Time to Recommit and REALLY Get bold!
You know what your goal is.  If you haven't operated at the level that it takes to achieve your goals the past 45 days, it's time to take hold of your vision and really get bold.  Stop entertaining thoughts of fear and doubt.  Believe what you say you believe.  Take the steps and speak the words that will connect you with your destiny.

Do you Have a Strategic Plan for Your Success
If you're like 97% of the population, you're more than likely living your life without a strategic plan for success.  A strategic plan for success increases the likelihood that you will achieve your goals, dreams and desires. If you do not have one, design one.  Today. 

A plan for success is your strategic thinking converted into a blueprint which you can utilize to reach your desired outcome.  It doesn't matter if you are seeking improvement or total transformation, a plan for success can shorten the time to get there.  If you are serious about your life's goals and ambitions, you must have a plan.  Here are some factors you should consider incorporating as part of your strategic plan.
  • Mission and Vision Statements
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Timeline
  • People
  • Budget/ Financial Forecasting
  • Resources
  • Assessment
These are the essentials for creating the life you desire.  If you can plan it; you can do it.

Final Call for Girlfriends In The KitchenTM" !!


This is the final call for the soon to be published cookbook, Girlfriends In The Kitchen.  If you know anyone else whom you think would be interested, please forward this to them.

The deadline is TODAY, Feb 15th

Wanted: Your stories (current and past) and memories of times in the kitchen, cooking, eating, taking in the activities, discussions and the aromas. The publisher is especially interested in those times you shared, or observed, with your mother, grandmother, aunts, cousins, friends, or other women who are part of your life. What did you learn?  There are only a few short days to send in your submissions.  For more information, or to submit your story and recipe for publication, visit:

Per the publisher's request, I am sharing my own entry.

Homemade Pizza, My Mother, and a Lifetime Will to 'Do It Right'

by Fran Briggs



"Fascinated," would describe my best memory of working in the kitchen with my Mother.  And why not? I was going to learn how to make "homemade pizza!" 




Everybody loved my Mother's pizza.  And even though I kinda had an idea of how it was prepared, you can imagine how surprised I was to discover the simple ingredients for the crust.  With just flour, water, yeast, oil and salt ... a ball of dough, became. 



"Did you wash your hands?" My Mother asked--but not unexpectantly.  I was no stranger to protocol for the kitchen. 


"I sure did," I responded and proudly presented them.  


"Very good!" She said as she smiled with approval. 


I'm not sure how long it took for "fascinated" to turn into "challenge," but it couldn't have been too long.  What I knew for sure was that kneading dough was not a simple task.  I vividly recall standing at my Mother's side watching her masterfully demonstrate the entire process.   With one hand on each end of the rolling pin, I studied her as she rolled from every possible angle.  Within minutes, she created the perfect crust and gently placed it onto the pan.  Then, she took a butter knife and cut off the excess dough from the perimeter of the pan.         


Wow!  I was wide-eyed, impressed.  Undaunted, I waited with anticipation to emulate her masterpiece.  Clearly, her skills were something I admired--and desired. 


"OK, now it's your turn," said my Mother.                                                                    


And I was ready.  A tenured teacher by profession, Mother calmly and methodically "spoke me through" the steps.  After prepping the dough with flour, I began to roll out my first crust, ever!  Unfortunately, it was taking several attempts to create what I only needed to see in my mind's eye, once. 


"Why won't it come out right?"  I whined, at aged nine.


"That's OK; you're learning.  Just take your time, and do it right."


My Mother rewarded my tenacity and tamed my frustration with those words of loving encouragement.


Finally, after several attempts, I was able to master the seemingly unconquerable task of rolling out a sheet of crust that actually covered the entire pan!  Finally, I was able to just take my time and "do it right."  Of course, putting on the toppings was a breeze.  Still, such an experience neither prepared me, nor incited any interest for entering culinary school.  However, I did experience memorable feelings of jubilation; and received my Mother's incomparable congratulations.


Today, I realize that although I have never rolled out another sheet of pizza dough since then, that day at the cutting board was a "springboard" for a lifetime will ... to "do it right." 


Submitted by:

Fran Briggs

P.Q.s: Power Questions
P.Qs. -- or Power Questions -- are used to introduce your mind to new information and options.  They are intended to shift your paradigm, thoughts and beliefs ... towards the greater.  Ask yourself these three, empowering questions.  Then, immediately follow up with specific, supporting action.  The action you take serves as a catalyst for change that can transform your life and create a healthier, wealthier and more vibrant, you!
  1. What can I give away today?__________________________________________


  2. What's most important right now?


  3. What am I absolutely committed to completing today?

You're Invited
The Don't Think Like an Elephant National Reading Tour needs the support of individuals and the corporate community to provide school children across America with the resources they need to achieve without limitations. 
There are many different opportunities for businesses or corporations to partner with the tour which aims to show children how to rise far above their potential, and see well beyond their immediate circumstances. 
The initiative is seeking businesses and corporations whose philanthropic goals align with the mission of Phoenix Children's Hospital  (my charity of choice) and the tour.  As a donor or corporate partner, you can make a meaningful commitment to the execution and actualization of this mission.  Specifically, in the lives of over 200,000 children, and in more than 1,126 communities across America, over a 23 month period. For more information about ways you can partner with us, visit
On behalf of Phoenix Children's Hospital I would like to thank all of those who have contributed including Vernette Carbon of PA who generously gave $200.00 toward the cause this week.  I also want to recognize the tour's first "Platinum Sponsors,"  Electric Express of Dallas, Texas and James Photography of Arizona both contributed $5,000 each.
Thank you all for your consideration to be the difference in our children's lives.


Credit Restoration Made Easy!

~ by Tony Brooks, Licensed Real Estate Investment Broker

Credit Restoration Made Easy is a step-by-step method to erase bad credit. This is the same method used by attorneys and credit consultants with three exceptions:

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Tools for Your Success

Give Your Spirit, a Lift!
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"We have really benefited from the husband smoked over 40 years and has done *everything* to try to quit.  ...he hasn't had a cigarette in 5 months. "
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-Candice Quirts,  South Dakota

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Love and Success, to You!!
Fran Briggs
Your Seeds for Success

Publisher, Editor-in-Chief

Request Fran for your next event. In addition to being the founder of The Fran Briggs Companies, parent company of, Ms. Briggs is also an Author, Professional Speaker, Personal Empowerment Facilitator, Certified Mental Health Resource Specialist, Educator and Professional Private Investigator.  She is a leading authority in comprehending, conveying and maximizing human potential. Are you experiencing challenge in your business or your associations?  Then contact Fran today to bring her your next event!

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