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Volume III  No. 7 

April 1, 2005

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Quotes of the Week
We'll Soon Have a Winner!
Read About It, Then, Be About It!
Your Garden For Daily Living
Power Hour Goal Setting
The WIT to WIN
P.Q.s: Power Questions
Brilliant Minds
To Your Health!
Something to Do About
Tools for Your Success

"When you argue for your limitations, you get to keep them."
-Marelin Thornton, Author 
"Set your sights high, the higher the better. Expect the most wonderful things to happen; not in the future but right now."
-Eileen Caddy
We'll Soon Have a Winner!
We're just hours away from the Think and Grow Rich, $1,000 cash give-away, drawing. Contest ends at midnight, tonight. The winner's name will be published, tomorrow on the website, and in the April 15, 2005 edition of Your Seeds for Success.  For more information visit:
Read About It, Then, Be About It!
Far too many of us struggle through life despite more Bibles, personal development and self-help books being read now, than during any other time in history.  Whatever it is that we are in search of, cannot be found among the pages of any book, but rather, deep within ourselves.  If after reading and reflecting upon an informative article, scripture or book, you find yourself still struggling through life or content with happenstance ... it is for one reason and one reason only:    
You acquired the information, but failed to apply it to your situation. 

Hundreds of millions of books available today have content that is interesting - even captivating enough to keep your attention for weeks, months and even years.  However, you are wasting our time if you just read about it.  You've got to be about it!  Master the amazing concept of living inside, out.  Books are much more than random units of information and inspiration.  They are invaluable resources which we can use to share with others, and prosper in every area of our lives.
Your Garden For Daily Living  Submitted by Bunny Z;  Author, Unknown

Plant Three Rows of "P's": 

1. Peace of mind 
2. Peace of heart
3. Peace of soul 

Two Rows of Squash:

1. Squash gossip 
2. Squash complaining 

Two Rows of Lettuce: 

1. Lettuce be kind 
2. Lettuce love one another 

Three Rows of Turnips: 

1. Turnip for meetings
2. Turnip for service
3. Turnip to help others ... and
Three Rows of Thyme: 
1. Thyme for God
2. Thyme for family and friends 
3. Thyme for you

Power Hour Goal Setting
Reach any ambition or goal by setting hourly, power goals.  Sound like a time-consuming, arduous task?  Well, that's because it only sounds like a time-consuming, arduous task.  In all actuality, setting a goal for each of your waking hours can be exciting, challenging and life-transforming. 
If you made a goal to eliminate Pepsi Cola from your list of beverages of choice. Do so; one hour at a time.  Affirm your commitment with written and verbal statements.  Avoid stating or writing down anything that even remotely sounds like: "I will not have a Pepsi-Cola this hour."  You'll be sacked with a lack attack!  Instead, write down and state out loud: "I am replacing seltzer water (or another beverage) for Pepsi Cola this hour."  Each Pepsi-free hour becomes a power hour.  And, a string of power hours can represent the most incredible day.  Make every hour a power hour and put yourself on the fastrack to an amazing life.
The WIT to WIN
Make a list of what's important today (your WIT). Next, immediately begin working on what's important now (your WIN).  Your WIN represents each itemized priority on your list. When you get one WIN under your belt, immediately go after the next one; and then the one after that...
To read the entire article, please visit the Success Articles page at:
P.Q.s: Power Questions 

 P.Q.s - or Power Questions - are used to introduce your mind to new information and options.  They are intended to shift your paradigm, thoughts and beliefs, towards the greater.  Ask yourself these three, empowering questions.  Then, immediately follow up 
with specific, supporting action.  The action you take serves as a catalyst for change that can transform your life and create a healthier, wealthier and more vibrant, you!

  • What thoughts are keeping me "hostage" right now?
  • What action(s) will I take this quarter hour to ensure my "freedom?"
  • How could I turn my next hour, into a "power hour?"
Brilliant Minds
In the process of learning how to drive, I could see that though the road was narrow, some folks with bigger cars were making "U-turns" and I thought I couldn't do it.  The real issue was not the size of the road or even the car.  The real issue for me is to see it being done in my mind's eye.  When I achieved this, I also achieved having dominion over my car and all other things fell into place...So these are problematic minds.  Then how do you solve the problem?  I'm glad you asked.  All that is needed is a renewal of the mind by the power of God and His Word...
Let us use the power and energy in our thoughts to focus on our goal.  So much so that a gentle inquiry will cause us to speak with the deepest conviction and the strongest passion about our goals. And, in such a way that even the untrained mind can understand. 

Excerpt from "Brilliant Minds,"  by Sowunmi Olabode.  Mr. Olabode is an Engineering Physics graduate who has spent more than 5 years in IT and business consulting. Currently, he is a partner with OFT, Nigeria, a Nigerian start up firm. He also volunteers as a director with an NGO, The Professional Leaders Forum (PLF). He can be reached at 
To Your Health
Sleep on This!
Demands from work, family and outside interests make sleep a luxury for many individuals.  Studies have proven that the lack of sleep leads to heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and stroke.  An adequate amount of uninterrupted sleep repairs and restores our cells, muscles and nerve connections.  The brain needs rest.  This is when it rids itself of free radicals, which is the equivalent of biological rust.
-Source, TIME Magazine, December, 2004
The Toxic Mineral
Aluminum salts are added to table salt to stop it becoming lumpy.  It is used in deodorants, flour bleaching, antacids, and the manufacture of cookware and in food cans.  We ingest more aluminum now than ever before in human history.  And, it is definitely toxic.  Aluminum accumulates in the liver, bones, thyroid, stomach and brain.  It can cause liver and kidney damage and negatively affect the central nervous system. Convulsions, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease may result from long term exposure.  Aluminum also negatively impacts on motor neurons, increasing the incidence of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a progressive and often fatal disease of the motor neurons.  It interferes with calcium metabolism and reduces the absorption of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, which are all essential for proper bone formation. 

How can you protect yourself?  There is a range of natural substances that have been shown to help.

1.   Succinic Acid found in garlic, asparagus, broccoli, beetroot and rhubarb.

2.    Malic Acid found in a very wide range of fruits and vegetables including apples, limes, most stone fruits, strawberries rhubarb and tomatoes.

3.    Citric Acid found in citrus fruits, berry fruits bananas, pineapples and some stone fruits.

4.    Glutathione found in raw fruits and vegetables such as apples, avocados, grapefruit, carrots, tomatoes and broccoli.

A kelp supplement and a diet rich in fresh raw fruits and vegetables is your best natural protection. And, of course reduce your contact with aluminum as much as possible. 

About the author: Paul Davies earned an honors degree in science from Melbourne University, Australia in the 1970.s.  During the 1980s, he studied for four years full time in Naturopathy at the Southern School of Natural Therapies (Melbourne), with extra training in herbal medicine via a postgraduate diploma in herbal medicine.  He is the author of the book, Super Health And How To Achieve It It is available from his web site,  Paul can also be contacted via email at
Something to Do About
Be Rock-solid in your understanding.
Tools for Your Success
Could you Use a "Spirit Lift?"
Dolores Justinian Jackson, a.k.a. as "DeeJazz," blends Jazz, Soul and Spirited music with inspirational lyrics to create what she calls, "Inspirational Jazz."  It's a sound so unique and so exciting that it will lift your spirit and soothe your soul.  Turn up your speakers and listen to some sample tracks, now.
Look What's Hot!
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-Jack Canfield, Co-author of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series
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-Bonnie St. John
Olympic Silver Medalist
Author, Succeeding Sane
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