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Volume III  No. 10

May 15, 2005

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Quotes of the Week
Every Day and In Every Way ...
Free, Breakthrough to Success Teleconference With Jack Canfield
Keep On, Keepin' On!
Your Written, Desired Future
P.Qs.: Power Questions
To Your Health!
Something to Do About
Tools for Your Success

"The first step to becoming is to will it."
-Mother Teresa
"The secret to productive goal setting is establishing clearly defined goals, writing them down and then focusing on them several times a day with words, pictures and emotions as if we've already achieved them."
- Dennis Waitley
Every Day and In Every Way...
In the early 1900s, French pharmacist, Emile Coue' began to give all of his customers this autosuggestion formula or, affirmation: "Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better."  He was confident that every individual who stated this autosuggestion several times a day, would eventually realize 
the physical equivalent.  Affirmations are most effective when they are used in the present tense and are focused on the desired outcome.  They are short, powerful, and repeatedly stated out loud in order to reach or maintain optimum focus.  Emile's method was so simple that it was not accepted or believed for a long time. However, just by advising that his customers repeat, several times a day: "Every day, in every way, I'm feeling better and better," his clients did in fact experience enhanced health.  And, the recovery rate in the clinic was 5 times faster than any other clinic in Europe.

When a positive or negative affirmation consistently enters your subconscious mind, it is accepted as the truth.  Why?  Because the subconscious mind doesn't know right from wrong; or false, from real. Every bit of information becomes a command.  Therefore, what you say is detrimental in determining what actually shows up in your life.  Affirmations empower you to conquer your challenges.  They help you maintain a positive outlook.  Use them to replace all of your disempowering belief systems. 
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Keep On, Keepin' On!
"Keep on Keepin' On!"  Sounds pretty simple, right?  But don't let the simplicity obscure the objectivity.  OK, what do I mean by that...  Sometimes the best methods and strategies are so simple and effective ... they're rejected.  Now, anyone who has ever reached something worth reaching, did so by utilizing their ability to maintain a focus on their ultimate destination ... in spite of.  There have been tens of thousands of times where your own thoughts or circumstances distracted, discouraged or redirected you from what you desired most.  When that happened, that was the end of that.  Know where you are going, map out a dynamic plan of action and keep on keepin' on despite any and all obstacles that may impede your path.  Think more than a bit, before entertaining the thought of "quit."  Financial woes?  Keep on, keepin' on!  Lost your wheels?  Keep on, keepin' on! Can't pay the bills? Keep on going!  Feel like throwing in the towel?  Keep on Keepin' on!  Feel like you can't go the extra mile?  Keep on Keepin' on ... until you reach your "there."  
Your Written, Desired Future
Business plans, course objectives and daily master plans all have one thing in common: They all represent a written, desired future.  Every goal - regardless of how complex or difficult - is nothing more than planned, strategic, series of objectives used for the sole purpose of reaching a destination.                                                                                                              
Immediate Foresight
The moment you see exactly what you desire to do, you're half way there!  The operative word is "see."  To clearly see the results you want to see, you gotta put your vision in writing!  Once you see what you have to do, you can confidently take the intelligent actions to do it. Discern what you need to do, and by when.  Decide what you will need, and identify who you should see.  Each day, you will automatically be pulled towards ultimate success.  Your ideal future and all of your life's ambitions, are just a written plan away.
P.Qs: Power Questions
 P.Qs. - or Power Questions - are used to introduce your mind to new information and options.  They are intended to shift your paradigm, thoughts and beliefs ... towards the greater.  Ask yourself these three, empowering questions.  Then, immediately follow up with specific, supporting action.  The action you take serves as a catalyst for change that can transform your life and create a healthier, wealthier and more vibrant, you!
1.  Are my actions and words moving me toward my daily objectives?
2.  Have I identified the details needed to support what I desire today?
3.  What have I intended to do; but have been afraid to start?


 To Your Health
How Much Water Should You Drink a Day?
by Marc David

I’m always amazed at how many people seem to know the answer to this question yet in practice they fail. Everybody I've talked to seems to know that 8-12 glasses of water a day is the recommended standard.  But, if I ask them, how many glasses of water they consume each day, the answer is usually none.  While 8-12 glasses of water is great for the average sedentary person, many of us are fitness conscious or in pursuit of some type of bodybuilding physique. With that in mind, the standard for bodybuilders should be approximately 1 gallon of water a day.  As a bodybuilder, you are putting much more nutrients, food and supplements into your body. What your body does not use, it must rid itself of by any means necessary. Usually, it does this via water. So drinking plenty of water becomes a necessity.  Drinking lots of water can keep "things" moving. Water is required for transport and flushing out debris and toxins. 

Not drinking enough water causes an excess buildup of certain chemicals.  Being properly hydrated has its benefits other then just flushing. Your state of alertness is affected by your hydration levels. Performance in the gym by a hydrated body is enhanced. Your body is roughly 70% water. It makes sense to hydrate it. Drinking water is not just for hot days; it's also for intense workouts in the gym. In fact, being hydrated has that perpetual pump that is so sought after.

There can be too much of a good thing. Drinking excessive amounts of water can cause water intoxication, or, hyponatremia. Water, and blood plasma dilute the salt content of the blood. When this happens, you lose more salt when sweating. Consequently the amount of salt available to the body tissues decreases and over time, the loss interferes with brain, heart and muscle functions. Water intoxication is more commonly found in endurance athletes.  Drink the appropriate amount of water each day.  Being properly hydrated is necessary for optimum performance in - and out of the gym.
Something to Do About
Connect your present with your future, and forget about your past.
Tools for Your Success
Give Your Spirit, a Lift!
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