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Volume II  No. 8
July 15, 2004
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Quote of the Week
What Dost Thou Speaketh?  Hey, Affirm This Way!
Be a Big Part of the Whole
Intentional Acts of Kindness
Fortune Favors the Brave and Bold in Integrity
Your Victory Over Adversity
Something to Do About
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"Man's mind once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimension." 
-Oliver Wendell Holmes 
What Dost Thou Speaketh?  Hey, Affirm This Way !                     
Making affirmations always connects us to our focusOur destiny is guaranteed, when we repeatedly decree a thing.  How can I make such bold statements?  Because ancient wisdom showed me years ago, "As a Fran thinketh (and speaketh); so is she."  Secondly, individuals of all ages and backgrounds have been speaking their mental, emotional, physical, social and financial states into existence, for centuries.  And finally, I am an eye (and ear) witness to several hundreds of these accounts. Let me share with you some actual affirmations that are used by millions and  work like magic, when utilizing the repetition of these precise thoughts and words!
I'm too fat.
I'll never get married.
I'll never get ahead.
I stay broke!
Surprised?  Many are.  An affirmation is anything one repeatedly declares, writes down or believes to be the truth - whether it's true or not!  So, even a negative affirmation, is still an affirmation!  Immediately after affirming anything, our brain goes to work and leads us in the direction of that "truth."  We all come "pre-wired" like this.  Affirm what you desire.  Not what you don't.  Now, let's look at the last affirmation above to see just how disempowering negative affirmations really are.  "I stay broke."  Ouch.  The word, "stay" - in and of itself - automatically leads one towards a conditioned command of obedience; doesn't it?  "Stay" says, "remain as you are," or, in this particular example... "Do not move!  Exist in your current state of 'brokeness'."  What a disempowering command!  If you were to remove all of the old "truths," then create and affirm new, empowering truths, they may look something like this:
I get slimmer and trimmer every day!
My future spouse is in route.
I'm taking an exciting, new path to my destiny.
I manage my money so well, I effortlessly attract more of it into my life.
Now that's empowering. Use a positive affirmation, to propel you to your desired destination.
Be a Big Part of the Whole

When facing a challenge as a member of a team at work, home or play, spend most of the time on the solution - not the problem. Be a leader; keep the focus away from, "Where did we go wrong? What didn't work?" And, "Who is not doing their part?"  If valuable time is wasted by repeating, rehashing, reframing or reflecting the problem... remind your team that: "Re did that already!"  Keep it real simple.  Identify exactly what your team expects to accomplish, how it will be accomplished and, in what time frame.  Then, take the necessary steps and immediately begin moving in that direction...together.  

Intentional Acts of Kindness
You see what needs to be done. You are more than acutely aware.  But, you're "busy right now."
"I have to be somewhere ... otherwise I’d do it.  Another day; another time... I'd be there.  Honest!"

Intentional Acts of Kindness: 52/12

A person struggles; you help. A door needs to be open; you open it. A piece of trash in your path? You throw it away.  The lights need to be turned off and all of the towels need to be left before you check out of your hotel room; you oblige.  A child needs some much-needed love and attention?  You be the provider. A job needs to be done; you do it.  Acts of kindness should be anything but random.  Honoring just one opportunity to serve in kindness each week adds up to 52 intentional acts of kindness a year! Push the envelope-shoot for two a week-and you've added more than 100.  Imagine the possibilities.  Imagine you ... incredible, you!
Fortune Follows the Brave and Bold in Integrity
It's been said that, "Fortune favors the brave and bold."  I have a problem with this.  Can't help but think of the number of bank robbers that may have been inspired with this quote.  I believe a more accurate statement is: "Fortune favors the brave and bold in integrity."  "Bold in integrity" is a necessary part of qualifying real courage. Cultivate a boldness which is founded on ethics and an intelligent assessment of your objectives.  It will safely guide you to your desired outcome when leaping into the unknown.
Your Victory Over Adversity
I am always captivated and intrigued by the e-mails that brilliantly illustrate victory over adversity.  Marla wrote me this past February.  She shared that she had been severely depressed after having witnessed first hand, the tragedy of 9-11. "After reading your article, I immediately was moved, to move on.  Few know how difficult it is to reside just blocks away.  I have to look at it everyday.  I now feel liberated and empowered.  I have given myself permission to fully live, again..."
We all have personal accounts of realizing victory over adversity. Of importance, is knowing that any struggle, is a very important part of becoming what you were predestined to be!  Caterpillar-to-cocoon-to-butterfly, epitomizes this truth.  You are invited to share your own Victory over Adversity Story (In 100 words or less).  In doing so, you will have the opportunity to remind yourself of your success, as well as inspire and empower others to use what has been in them, all the time!  I will post one or two "Victory Over Adversity" stories from our readers in our future publications.  Send your "Victory Over Adversity" story to:  Let us know if you want your e-mail/full name, and residence, included or omitted, with your submission.
Something to Do About
Tell someone how much you love them.  Tell them how much they really mean to you, while you are both... still here. 
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Have a Jubilant, Rest-of-July!
Fran Briggs
Your Seeds for Success
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