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Volume II  No. 9
August 1, 2004
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Quote of the Week
Mix it Up
Create Your Vision
Do What Winners Do
Act as If: See it, Then Be It
Her Victory Over Adversity
Something to Do About
Seeds for Success
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"Life seems to be moving awfully fast for everyone these days.  Make a point to monitor the speed that you experience it.  And, be sure you're the only one who has a foot on the accelerator." 
-F. Briggs
Mix it Up                   
Do you feel unease about something?  Want to stop those negative vibes?  Here's a strategy that works in minutes.
Have you ever had something that really claimed your peace?  We all have!  When we find ourselves in this state, we relinquish control of the thoughts and pictures we create in our mind.  We disempower ourselves.  Here's a great alternative.  Mix it up!  Scatter the undesired pictures,  thoughts and experiences inside your head.  You will immediately change your emotional state for the healthier.  Transform the event(s) into tiny, tiny, tiny little pieces.  Mix them up as you would 16 sets of dominoes.  Then, throw them out of your head.  Forever...
Create Your New Vision
Now that you have a clean slate, be ready to decree some things!  Replace the desired where there was once, the undesired.  You might consider going a well-lit area.  Breathe deeply and create your new, ideal vision.  Write down your plan for succeeding.  Be very specific.  Include all the details.  Then, go to work and make it happen. 
Do What Winners Do
A positive attitude of expectation is an indispensable fundamental for success.  Do what winners do.  Stay positive all day long.  Give your "now," your all.  Stay excited about your future and expect your success in all your endeavors. 
Act as If: See It, Then Be It
Did you know that the mind cannot distinguish between a real experience and an imagined experience?  Our brain reacts and sends out the same kinds of pictures to real events as it does to  imaginary events.  Can one actually manipulate their mind and use it as an empowering tool to do the "undoable?"  You can, with imagery.  It's a tragedy that only a small percentage of us use imaginary to attain goals and objectives.  It's even a bigger tragedy that many more don't even know what imaginary is.  My definition for imaginary is: seeing and believing, before being.  Imagery had both of my brothers yelling "Kareem!" as they "slammed-dunked" a basketball at will.  Before executing this skill, they first fixed an imaged in their mind.  They imagined themselves as Kareem, acted as if they were Kareem, then got the same results as Kareem.  Incredible feats for a nine and 12 year old (albeit in their bedroom and using a nerf ball and plastic hoop on their closet door). 
Kids all over the world have shouted, "Bruce Lee!"  "Jordan!"  "Gretsky!"  "McGwire!"  "Montana!" ...Just prior to performing incredible acts of athleticism.  They imagined, then acted as if.  What do you suppose would happen if our youth would shout, "Einstein!" before tackling their homework or taking exams?
What about you?  Is their something you desire to be, do or have?  Write a book?  Ask for a raise?  Set some goals?  You can do it!  Just play it over and over in your mind.  See yourself doing, being and having.  Run it through your mind ... and out of your heart.  Lather. Rinse.  Repeat.  Act as if:  See it, then be it!
Her Victory Over Adversity
Last month, I invited our readers to share their personal "victory over adversity."  I thank all of you who opened your hearts and submitted wonder-filled stories of triumph.  Here is this issue's "Victory over Adversity" story.  
 "I am inspired to share my 'Victory Over Adversity' story.  There was a time
when I felt like a complete loser; a single, African American woman
categorized as an alcoholic.  Bad relationships, panic attacks, careless
spending and blackouts were just a few problems I faced.  My life took a
turn for the worst when I received a DUI on July 11, 2001.  Until that time,
I did not accept the fact that I was an alcoholic.  I was just a person with
a 'drinking problem'.  When I chose to accept that I was indeed an
alcoholic,  I began seeking recovery.  It was then (Jan. 2002) that my life
began to turn around--one day at a time.  I reconnected with my Higher
Power, whom I call, God.  My family embraced me.  My colleagues regained
respect.  My personal life became drama-free and my fears decreased.  With
the help of God and recovery,  I have a new appreciation for life and love.
I have a new, improved self.  I am proud to be a single, African American
woman alcoholic.  Although those titles do not completely define me, they
are a part of who I am.  I not only love myself, I also have admiration and
- Renee Smith 
Thank you, Renee for being brave and bold with integrity.  All of us at "Your Seeds for Success" are believing nothing but the best, for you...  We all have personal accounts of realizing victory over adversity. Of importance, is knowing that any struggle, is a very important part of becoming what you were predestined to be!  Caterpillar-to-cocoon-to-butterfly, epitomizes this truth.  You are invited to share your own Victory over Adversity Story.  In doing so, you will have the opportunity to remind yourself of your success, as well as inspire and empower others to use what has been in them, all the time!  We will post one or two "Victory Over Adversity" stories from our readers in our future publications.  Send your "Victory Over Adversity" story to:  Let us know what - if any - what contact information you want included or omitted, with your submission.
Something to Do About
This week, make a point to send someone a card, mow a neighbor's yard, share a meal or give away a double (or triple)-digit dollar bill... just because. 
Seeds for Success
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I want to extend special "thank yous" to Dawn Fields and Nikki Jourdan, respectively.  You consistently serve as  flowmasters of positive energy, guidance and love and helped make my month of July, most memorable...  Hey!  Thanks to all of you who told your family and friends about "Your Seeds for Success!"  We welcome all 117 new subscribers! 
Before You Go...
Fran's first children's book is here!  The response has been greater than expected and the media has been very receptive.  Read more about it here.    
Make August, Awesome!
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