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Volume II  No. 10
August 15, 2004
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In this issue:
Quotes of the Week
To Our Friends and Families In the Southeastern and Gulf United States
Five Secrets of the Fittest
"But, How Do I Get There, From Here?"
There Are No Unimportant People
His Victory Over Adversity
Your Life's Purpose Interactive Internet Radio Show
Something to Do About
Hot August Sites!
Professional, Accurate, Translation Services
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Before You Go...
"Like the formula for failure, the formula for success is easy to follow: A few simple disciplines practiced every day." 
"Let others lead small lives, but not you.  Let others argue over small things, but not you.  Let others cry over small hurts, but not you.  Let others leave their future in someone else's hands, but not you." 
-Jim Rohn, America's foremost, leading business philosopher
To Our Friends and Families in the Southeastern and Gulf United States               

Your friends and families at Your Seeds for Success are believing for nothing but the best outcome for those whose livelihoods have been drastically altered, by Hurricane Charlie.  May God bless all who lost their lives, loved ones, homes and sources of incomes.  So many of you have written to inform and request prayer.  Prayers have been sent up.  We love you, and remind you to look toward the calm, to come.

Five Secrets of the Fittest
1) Begin each day with prayer and meditation. This will help you stay positive throughout the day.
2) Take your exercise regime to the next level on a regular basis.
3) Limit your intake of caffeine and artificial stimulants.
4) Make clean, cold water your beverage of choice.
5) Take time for rest, relaxation and rewards.
"But, How Do I Get There, From Here?"
This is one of the most-asked questions I receive.  It confirms that at any given time, all of us are trying to get from where we are, to where we want to be.  Humans are transitional beings.  We move to "what's next," by design.  What I know for sure, is that we were created to consistently decree, then create the desires of our hearts - even if we haven't identified what they are; or, discern what "what's next," is.  What's required is a plan.  A plan that works even when we're temporarily, "stuck on still."  Here's a plan which outlines the steps, mindset and heartset to go from where you are (no matter what stage you are in your life) to where you want to be.     
Note bene': Information is meaningless, without application.
"To get there, from here,"  you must Create New Energy!  Even if you have to reinvent it!  Have you ever noticed that both classrooms and courtrooms break for recess?  Why is that?  Because recess is a necessity for creating new energy before going on to the next transition in life.  Recess, is when you take time, for you.  Webster's Dictionary defines recess as:  temporary halting; such as work. 2. A hidden or inner place."  
The first thing one needs to do "to get there, from here" is ... take a recess!  That means taking the time to go to a different place to have fun, exhale, inhale or, just be.  You may be led to connect with your "hidden, or inner place," or what I call, your "spirit."  Here, you have the option of inviting your Creator to be a part of your plan. Your objective is to create and sustain new energy.  It may take a few minutes.  Hours.  Days.  Or even a year.      
Next, grab some paper and pen.  Write down and clearly describe the exact place(s) you want to this lifetime!  Then, list all the "whys."  Your "whys" fuel, create and sustain new energy The more whys; the more energy.  Make a step-by- step plan that outlines and timelines everything you need to do to go, where you want to go.  Finally, go "back to work," and make it happen.  Your life is a gift!  Enjoy it!  Check out the ARTICLES page at  for additional inspiration, exciting ideas, insights and guidance. 
There Are No Unimportant People
The program director sends out a letter to his clients.  Outlined, is: "(XYZ organization) will feature speakers such as ... and other important members of the community."  Immediately, I thought of what Malcolm Forbes, once said:  "There are no unimportant people."  Most people would agree.  Tragically, statements and belief systems that infer otherwise, are largely responsible for individuals and groups not recognizing and operating in their "importance."  As a result, they fail to contribute and exercise their full potential because they don't see themselves as being "important."  They don't see  themselves as important because they are not recognized as being important.  Know that "important people" are all encompassing.  They include the very youngest and eldest among us.  Each and every one of us are important members in our respective families, organizations and, our community.  "Important people," are every kind of people.  They transcend all cultures, languages, abilities, sizes, backgrounds, incomes and socio-economic status. 
His Victory Over Adversity
For the past several weeks, our readers have been invited to share their personal, "victory over adversity."  I thank all of you who opened your hearts and submitted wonder-filled stories of triumph.  Here is this issue's "Victory over Adversity" story.  
 "Fran, my 'Victory Over Adversity' story is shared by hundreds, if not thousands of
students and graduates every year.  In 1989, I was an enthusiastic senior at
the University of California, Berkeley.  I enjoyed the opportunity to excel at
one our nation's most prestigious universities, and I did just that.  I was respected
and admired by my professors and colleagues alike.  Since the time I was in
junior high school (middle school), I have always heard that I had a 'knack'
for doing the unbelievable.  Graduating with honors is admirable.  But, being
homeless during my entire four years of studies is, 'the unbelievable.'  My victory
over this adversity is the result of my choice to see the bigger picture and keep seeing
the biggest picture ... until I caught up with it.  It helped me literally and comfortably,
weather many a storms.  My message to your readers is to attach their biggest picture
to their frontal vision, and keep it there!  Nothing is more inspiring. Today, I have a                
a wonderful family, a beautiful wife and the life I always saw, I would have.  And, I will 
never trade anything, for my knack."  - Name withheld by request
Thank you!  What an awesome story-and testimony-of the incredible power of visualization.  I know you have inspired several hundreds to see, attach and keep their biggest picture in front ... until they catch up with it!  All of us at, Your Seeds for Success are believing nothing but the continued best, for you and yours'. 
We all have personal accounts of realizing victory over adversity. Of importance, is knowing that any struggle, is a very important part of becoming what you have been predestined to be!  Caterpillar-to-cocoon-to-butterfly, epitomizes this truth.  You are invited to share your own "Victory over Adversity Story."  In doing so, you will have the opportunity to remind yourself of your own success, as well as inspire and empower others to see and use what has been in them, all the time!  We will post one or two "Victory Over Adversity" stories from our readers in our future publications, periodically.  Send your "Victory Over Adversity" story to:  Let us know what - if any - contact information you want included or omitted, with your submission.
Your Life's Purpose Interactive Internet Radio Show
Your Life's Purpose Interactive Internet Radio Show is a talk show about discovering God's purpose for your life.  Each week, the host, Dawn Fields, interviews a guest who is living their life's purpose. Her audience hear actual testimony of how each guest discovered their life's purpose, what action they took to start living their life's purpose and the work they did on the "inside," to create the world they desired on the "outside."  This past Thursday, I had the honor of being a guest on the show. Thank you, Dawn Fields.  And, thank you to all who tuned in.  I'll be back for another interview, September 23, 2004.  I want to remind those of you who missed the show that it airs at 9 p.m. EST.  That is, 8:00 p.m. CST, or 6:00 p.m. for those who live on the West coast.

Listen to Your Life's Purpose Interactive Internet Radio Show every Thursday night, 9:00 p.m. EST. 
Something to Do About
Make a vow to honor and value your own time, talents and abilities so that others, may be so inclined, to do the same.
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I want to extend a gratuitous "Thank you" to over 950 brand new subscribers (and counting)!  Most discovered us, Your Seeds for Success when one of my mentors posted an article I wrote in 2002.  He submitted it on high-traffic websites and ezines last week and kindly included my current contact information.  I love hearing and reading how thousands are being inspired by the article, today. My desire is that each of you, stay in touch!  I want you all to know that I have since recovered 150% from my injuries and temporary setbacks.  Received were several hundred emails which require a response, in kind.  If you have yet to hear from me, know that I am on my way!  And, thank you to all of you who continue to tell your family and friends about, Your Seeds for Success.   
Before You Go...
Fran's first children's book is here!  The response has been greater than expected and the media has been very receptive.  Read more about it here.    
Make it a Great Week!
Fran Briggs
Your Seeds for Success
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