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Volume II  No. 11
September 1, 2004
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Quotes of the Week
Thank You
Speaking of Quarters...
Five More Secrets of the Fittest
How to Get to the Next Level
Success Leaves Clues
Something to Do About
Before You Go...
"It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision." 
"The marvelous richness of human experience would lose something
of rewarding joy if there were no limitations to overcome. The
hilltop hour would not be half so wonderful if there were no dark
valleys to traverse."

-Helen Keller (1880-1968 American Blind/Deaf Author & Lecturer)
Thank You              
I thought I change things up and put what and who is most important, first.  On behalf of the entire team at Your Seeds for Success, I would like to first thank God, and then you, for making the month of August magnificent and memorable.  It remains an incredible experience meeting, working with and hearing from extremely gifted people.  Your Seeds for Success has grown an unimaginable 2300% during this quarter alone.  We are hustling to keep up with the expansion, your needs and demands.  We could not have done it without your love and support and are deeply indebted to you.
Speaking of Quarters...
We are approaching the final quarter of the year.  Can you believe it?  So, what are you going to master in the final stretch?  If you haven't planned anything specific, yet ... today is a great day.  Here's a challenge.  Consider these seven disciplines: Spiritual, Financial, Personal, Professional, Physical, Emotional and Intellectual.  Pick the two disciplines that you would most benefit from.  For each discipline, write down one, specific goal.
For each goal, write down two objectives (two, specific steps that lead you to each goal).  Make sure your goals and objectives are exciting, clear, attainable, include units of measure, a deadline and an immediate reward.  Here's an example of Cory's goal and respective objectives:
Professional Goal:  I am a State of Colorado Licensed Real Estate Agent on May 8, 2005
 Two Objectives:
A.  " I will read and review Introduction to Colorado Real Estate and pass all practice tests in the book with a 90% proficiency rate by October 28, 2004.
B.  "I will read and review Colorado Real Estate Principles and pass all practice tests in the book with a 90% proficiency rate by December 5, 2004.  When I  meet both of my objectives, I will immediately reward myself with an outing with Michelle on December 10, 2004 that includes skiing, fun and first-class lodging."
(signed)  Cory Lawson  September 1, 2004.
Even if you aren't even remotely interested in Colorado Real Estate or skiing, you can feel the excitement. See how clear and attainable Cory's "biggest picture" becomes with specifics, details and a deadline? Fun is not only an incentive, but an important part of the journey.  The keys are breaking the whole into parts, keeping the biggest picture in front, reviewing your objectives on a regular basis and making time for rest and rewards.  In January-or next quarter-repeat, stretch and enlarge your vision.  Cory may want to take a class or an accredited online class in Real Estate.  But let's not get ahead of ourselves.  Go to work on yourself and start your master plan today.  Identify two goals and four objectives for next quarter. Then, keep the change!
Five More Secrets of the Fittest
1) See physical activity as a pleasurable, privilege and not a burdening chore.
2) Wake up each day and focused and excited about your life.
3) Stretch to reach your objectives every day.
4) Review each day at the end of the day, for tomorrow's action plan.
5) Enjoy uninterrupted, adequate amounts of sleep.
How to Get to the Next Level
If your desire is to get to the next level you must first see yourself at the next level.  If your next level is maintaining a permanently organized office, see yourself as an organized, office manager.  Raise your thoughts and expectations so they reflect what you desire.  Create and affirm a powerful statement fueled with positive energy.  Say it and sing it hourly.  This catapults you in the direction you want to go. Then, each and every day, do what an organized office manager does. 
Success Leaves Clues 
Here's a short-cut to success.  Identify and find information on one thing you want to achieve. Talk with, or interview others who are doing what you desire to do.  Take great notes. Choose one individual who has succeeded and confidently ask if they will mentor you.  You'll be amazed when you hear, "I would love to."  Set up a clear plan with your mentor which outlines exactly how you will achieve your goal. 
Something to Do About
Celebrate your "hill top hours."
Before You Go...
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Have a Sensational, September!
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