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Volume III  No. 17 

September 1, 2005

The Fran Briggs Companies send their love and prayers to those who have been affected by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.  At the time of this writing, approximately one thousand people have lost their lives; over one million have lost their homes.  Our hope is that each and every one of you will continue to exercise the power of prayer.  And, please.  Open your homes, hearts, and wallets as the opportunities present themselves.
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In this issue:
Quote of the Week
Let's Go!
A Simple, Seven-Step Formula for Success
Are You Still Stuck on Still?
Specifically Designed for Soaring
Humor and Happenstance
Get Rich Slowly
Just Four, More Months
To Your Health
Something to Do About
Tools for Your Success

"I wrote to my kindergarten teacher: 'Dear Miss Newe, I do not belong here because I can read and I know a lot of big words: elephant, hippopotamus, ... The next day I was promoted to the first grade."

- Oprah Winfrey


Just a quick reminder: To realize the intrinsic and extrinsic value of the  
content in this successzine, you must take it off of the screen ... and put it into your life!  Every day I get to read about the many who do.  And, the results have been absolutely amazing.  Thank you for sharing.
Let's Go!
Have a great idea? Then, let's go!  No one succeeds by themselves.  Not now.  Not then. Not ever!  Connect yourself with the individuals and organizations who can increase the likelihood of the fruition of your idea, and success.

A Simple, Seven-Step Formula for Success

 This formula is powerful beyond measure
  1. Identify the obstacles and distractions that are separating you from your goal.
  2. Eliminate them.
  3. Vividly see yourself with your detailed, desired result.
  4. Identify the specific steps which will lead you to your target.
  5. Create new energy and a viable, rock-solid plan for reaching your goal. 
  6. Commit to your plan.
  7. Act on your plan daily.
Are You Still Stuck on Still?
If you are "stuck on still," immediately decide to get unstuck. Become action-oriented and get things started right where you are.  Resolve to stay optimistic and continue moving in the direction of your target, regardless of how you feel, or how things may appear ...  There is a grandeur picture of your spectacular life just waiting to be painted.  Won't you become the artist?
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Specifically Designed for Soaring
Statistically, the highest-achieving men and women of all time overcame monumental adversity and obstacles on more than one occasion.  I would be remiss it I didn't remind everyone-including myself-that bouts with confusion, undesirable conditions, or adversity ... always make the best launching pads.  Maintain this mindset.  In doing so, you will immediately adopt a powerful objective which will not only position you to soar at new heights, but empower you to experience unparalleled, astronomical success.  Consider this paradigm shift:
"It's not so much as where I am; as much as where I am going.  I'm  
choosing to start on a platform, specifically designed for soaring!"

And, think on this:  When there is absolutely no question as to where you are going , there is a much-welcomed, absence of a lack of direction.
Humor and Happenstance (From the Ladies)

"Inside me is a skinny woman crying to get out; but I can usually shut her up with a bag of shortbread cookies." -- Unknown

"Every time I close the doors on 'reality,' it comes in through the windows."  --Jennifer Unlimited

"I'm not offended at all by the 'dumb blonde jokes.'  I know I'm not dumb, and I know I'm not really a blonde." -- Dolly Parton

And, see if you can guess who said this:

"I'm not gonna vacuum until Sears makes one you can ride on."  --

*Victoria Osteen

*Roseanne Barr

*Denise Austin 


Get Rich Slowly 

Don't try to get rich quickly. Get rich slowly.  Decide to save ten percent of your income and let it accumulate at compound interest.  Open a separate savings and investing account today. From this day forward, put every single dollar you can spare into a savings and investment account.  Resolve never to touch or spend it for any reason.  This strategy alone, will make you wealthy.

-- Brian Tracy, Internationally best-selling author and American Businessman  


Just Four, More Months

There are only 4 more months in 2005 to achieve what you set out to achieve.  How are you doing?  Really?  No worries!  You still have 
plenty of time.  Commit to one, really BIG goal you seek to accomplish between 9/1/2005 and 12/31/2005.  Use the interactive form below to type in your BIG goal, now.  These fields are live and in real time!
Type "Test" - no - type "Real" in a blank field now, and finish today.
Be sure to print this, and check your progress, weekly.  Resolve that by, or before the end of 2005, you will reach ... your BIG goal!
 (December 31, 2005 or earlier)
Quantifiable details (pounds lost, times per week, dollars per month, miles ran per day, etc.) How will you know when you attain it?
Personal motivation statement (why this goal?) benefits, and tangible rewards. How will you feel?  How will you look?  Where will you be? 
Accountability ("ask me how I'm doin') Partner for weekly check-ins (Consider, God!)

To Your Health

Almonds May Help Reduce Inflammation and Cholesterol

Recently published studies suggest that a healthy diet which includes almonds can reduce two of the primary risk factors for heart disease: high cholesterol and elevated C-reactive protein (a marker for internal inflammation). Both studies (published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, respectively), indicated that a diet which includes plenty of almonds can accomplish this as well as, or better than -- first-generation statin drugs.

In addition to having heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, almonds are the most nutritionally dense nut. They are an excellent source of vitamin E, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, protein, and fiber.

Source: World Wide Web


Something to Think About

You have more than enough ability to out-hustle, out-perform, out-earn, out-learn, out-give and out-love ... your former self. 

Something to Do About

Take the actions which will connect you to your success.
Tools for Your Success
Give Your Spirit, a Lift!
If you're one of those increasingly, rare music lovers who hasn't yet heard of Dolores Justinian Jackson (a.k.a. as "DeeJazz") ... You must check out this incredible blend of Jazz, Soul and Spirited music.  Immediately.  It features 
inspirational lyrics to create what the artist calls, "Inspirational Jazz."  It's a sound so unique and, so exciting ... it will lift your spirit and soothe your soul.  Turn up your speakers and listen to some sample tracks, now.
Look What's Hot!

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Author Devin Robinson Announces $250.00 Essay Contest for Students
Deadline: September 30, 2005
As part of his commitment to "giving students the headstart they need to succeed," Author Devin Robinson (The 180 Day Theory) has announced "The Change Through Empowerment" essay competition.  The contest is designed to encourage students who have the ability to create, measure and then dynamically illustrate, a large-scale transformation in their lives.  $250.00 will be awarded to the student who best describes how the book has empowered them to change their life for the better.  Essays must be 350 - 500 words in length.  For further information or to purchase the book, visit:  

Professional, Genuine, Career Opportunities
"Pennsylvania Mother of two," Vernette Carbon has published an extremely, well-written manual jam-packed with solid information that can help you find a lucrative real home-based career. Imagine working for AAA, Carnival Cruise, Staples, AT&T... from the comfort of your own home. Get the f'ree report to make it happen!
The Secret's Out! 

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"We have really benefited from the husband smoked over 40 years and has done *everything* to try to quit.  ...he hasn't had a cigarette in 5 months. "
-Flo Clark,  Texas

I rarely lose a sale these days whereas I previously lacked confidence and credibility.  The CD has somehow helped me to develop an incredible rapport with my clients." -Mike King, Sheerness Cent, United Kingdom
I have now lost 65 pounds! I need another 10 - 15 lb. and will be at ideal weight! One year ago I was wearing a size 20 and now a size 8 to 10. That's incredible! And, I have received over $5,000 increase in my salary - 13% of my annual. And, a $3,000 bonus for taking a new job promotion!
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-Candice Quirts,  South Dakota

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Have a Sensational, September!

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