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Volume II  No. 12
September 15, 2004
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Quote of the Week
Thank You
Add Clarity to Increase Productivity
Five More Secrets of the Fittest
Become a Desired-Results Person
Create an Environment for Action
Make Time to Think and Plan
A Tenacious Tip for Handling Stress
Something to Do About
Before You Go...
"It's time to start living the life you imagined." 
-Henry James 
Thank You              
The entire staff at Your Seeds for Success, thank all who have written and expressed how they are using the successzine to transform their lives. We are believing nothing but the continued best for each and every one of you.
Add Clarity to Increase Productivity
When we add clarity to our tasks, conversations and expectations we increase our productivity and operate at a higher level of competence.  Say what you mean, and mean what you say.  Seek to understand as well as you do to be understood.  Put the important things in writing and ask for a receipt.  Use statistics and other data only as incentives and rewards. When things are very clear, people tend to be very committed. Clarity promotes accuracy which automatically increases productivity.  Expect your family, your organizations-and yourself-to move ahead at a rapid and productive pace. 
Five More Secrets of the Fittest
1) Hit the ground running.  Begin each day with exercise for hours of enhanced energy.
2) Cross train.  Alternate the muscles groups you work during the week.
3) Practice deep breathing in clean air to increase your metabolism.
4) Work with your waiter. Use phrases like: "Mayo to the side" and, "Light on the salt, please"
5) Eat, then shop.  Few are more dangerous than a famished shopper in a grocery store.
Become a Desired-Results Person
I'll bet you heard many people use these words in their sales pitch: "I get results!"  However, this proclamation does not-in any shape or form-distinguish them from their competition.  Why?  Because their competition get "results," too.  We all get results.  Whether we do, or not do, succeed or fail, hit .372 or .151, lose 42 pounds or gain 21, we get results!  The key is to get what I call, your "desired-results."  Desired results are the specific outcomes that you proclaim to attain, in advance.  It is a specific target that you approach and hone in on with a laser-like focus, until you meet it.  Be a desired-results person and set yourself up for success.  Try it.  Be empowered.  Tomorrow at 7:00 am, state: "I complete my "to-do list" by 4:45 pm today."  Then, complete your "to do list" by 4:45 pm and celebrate your victory.  Being desired-results oriented, reminds you of your desire to become more than you are...and knowing, you're not going to settle for anything less. 
Create an Environment for Action
 What have you been putting off for the last week, month, year and even decade?  What-or who - is keeping you from experiencing life as you would like to?  What will it take to get you to take immediate action and maintain your tempo, today?  Consider the environment which you will spend the most time in while you pursue your goal.  Make sure it is clean and free of mental and physical clutter.  Your environment for action should be filled with everything that inspires you.  Utilize all the resources that support this end.  After you have created your ideal domain for success, identify what you need to do then take immediately action.  Concentrate on the things you can do "right now."  Although it is initially challenging to overcome weeks and even years of inertia, it takes far less energy to maintain momentum after you get started.   
Make Time to Think and Plan 
To be successful in any endeavor, you must make the time to think and plan.  What are your priorities?  What's important now?  After you answered these questions (on paper), work consistently, confidently and competently until you achieve your objectives.
A Tenacious Tip for Handling Stress
To manage most things in life you must first identify it, face it and then get a handle on it.  The same can be said about most any stressor.  Figuratively, spiritually, emotionally and literally (only when appropriate) grab it by the horns.  Induct your authority.  You will immediately feel empowered and your vision for resolve will become much clearer. But don't stop there!  Declare exactly how you are going to handle or manage your stressor.  Then, remind yourself who's really in charge.
Something to Do About
Whatever you been putting off for a it now!
Before You Go...
Happy Birthday to all who are celebrating on this day, September 15, 2004!
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