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Your Day to Win!

Hi Everyone:

I want to share with you something important...VERY important. But, before I do, I would like to ask you an equally as important question. How would life change for you if you had the same minute-by-minute thoughts of the super-successful?

Well, if you're finished imagining that, let's get back to the VERY important matter at hand. My friend, Mike Brescia, developed the ultimate mental conditioning program that can help you enjoy huge success in every area of your life. Mike is the founder of Think Right Now! His ground-breaking research on the mind is helping thousands of people experience emotional and behavioral changes that they've never achieved before. They are achieving-and succeeding-without therapy, training seminars, how-to books, equipment, patches, powders or pills.

It's just amazing stuff. Please do yourself a huge favor and take a couple minutes right now to read the rest of this note. Trust me; you'll be happy you did.

Now, I'll let Mike introduce himself, to you.

Thanks, Fran.

I appreciate that nice introduction.

Hello. Yes, I am Mike Brescia. You may have heard of me. It's not difficult, because my web site is the most well traveled personal development product site on earth. The changes our mental conditioning programs make in people are often miraculous. Jaw dropping. They've done their magic in situations where absolutely nothing else has helped.

It's even more amazing, since 17 years ago I was in a place that I never want to be again ... living in a vehicle. I was, in every way, a bum. A drunk. Lazy as the day is long. I got fired from MANY $5/hr jobs. I didn't have any real friends - just party buddies. I tried to change, it seemed, hundreds of times. My habitual emotions, attitudes and my addictive behaviors controlled me. My will was nothing compared to the heavy chains of my life-long habits.

But in the Spring of 1987, I chanced upon some ground-breaking information in the book, Superlearning. It's author, George Lozanov, chronicled the development of an effortless learning method called Suggestopedia. This teaching method uses 60 beat per minute music to help induce a calm stress-free mental state, and the repeating of each new piece of data three times in a special way. The effect it has on people is similar to the way a CD-ROM installs a software program on a computer ... it inserts information in a way that gives you a genuine knowing deep inside. The material literally gets inside of you. This effortless "teaching" method has made the words 'Accelerated Learning' known around the world.

Back in 1987, I wondered, since people were learning languages, science and math formulas and historic events (facts) in record time, why couldn't I use this simple way of delivering information to teach me the attitudes and beliefs of the people who were the best at what I wanted to do. Judging by the results it was having in a variety of learning environments, it didn't seem far-fetched to me.  I wanted to be able to earn a living in the sales profession, (I hadn't made a sale in 2 years). So I borrowed some tape recorders and created some audio tapes using books on sales, business and general positive thinking as my guide. To make a long story short, I got a sales job and quickly sold my way out of that job (they ran out of inventory). So, I got another sales job and became the highest paid sales executive in the world in that industry.

Because of the dramatic changes our behavior modification "Success Conditioning" programs produces in people, it's the #1 most visited site online to help change the things about you, that you want to change. It is where you go when nothing else works.

I tell you my story not to brag, but to inspire you. You see, it's the effortless teaching method of installing new automatic, programmed mental patterns that is the star, not me. The claims on my web site are bold, dramatic-almost unbelievable. But, all of them are true.

And to prove the claims, I've recently started interviewing our customers for an audio newsletter called "You're Telling Me!" In "You're Telling Me!" you'll hear people from all over the world tell remarkable stories of change. Change so amazing, if you didn't hear it from their own mouths, you wouldn't believe it.

On our web site you'll hear people tell me...

How they've ended their chronic depression and panic attacks and gotten off all their medications just by playing a single $20 audio tape while they sleep.

How they are using a specific Think Right Now! program to increase their sales income by 2, 3 and even 8 times.

How they've eliminated their allergies and saved all those co-pays.

How simple and easy it was to quit smoking even after 20, 30 and even 40 years when nothing else stopped the cravings.

How they've lost 40, 50, 60+ pounds almost effortlessly (without pills, powders or shakes), even though they've been overweight their entire lives.

How they've overcome eating disorders like bulimia by using a $20 Think Right Now! audio program.

You'll even hear me interview a 65 year old man who is using one Think Right Now! program to become the oldest man ever to swim the English Channel!

And if you have some issues that cause you frustration, stress, anxiety and years of failure, I encourage you (don't make me beg!) to learn more about these effective yet easy to use programs now. Go to the site and listen to an interview. They're amazing! And sign up to get new interviews emailed to you every week.

If you are failing in some area of life and must change...I just may have the answer for you.  So, whatever challenges or pain you have, please don't wait any longer.

To learn more, go to:

If nothing else, if you go to the site now, you'll learn why you do the things you do and why it's been so hard to change the things you want to change.

If there are inner and outer successes you desire, but haven't been able to achieve them, please learn about our programs now.

You will find nothing like them anywhere.

And all our Accelerated Success Conditioning programs come with an unconditional 6 month satisfaction guarantee. So you've got success, achievement and happiness to gain and absolutely nothing to lose except your fears, inhibitions and limitations.

And remember, while you're on the site, sign up for "You're Telling Me!"

It WILL inspire and convince you that greatness IS within you!

All the best!

Your new friend and partner in change,

Mike Brescia


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